Psst! Apple Pencil Now IN STOCK on

Share: now has Apple Pencil in stock online, with delivery as quick as December 2, 2015 for our area. is still shipping in 4-5 weeks. Get this now while you can. Nothing else to say but hurry up!

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On Craigslist and eBay, markups for this accessory are currently hovering over $200, because of shortages.

Thanks Lawrence!


  • KIII

    I don’t get why some sites are calling the iPad pro a failure if the pencils are so hard to find. What the hell was the ratio in production- one pencil for every five iPads?

    And with purchase return date set in January if somebody was to return say a iPad silicone case does it get repackaged and sold as new? A few companies seem to be taking up this no question returns now but what happens to the product after.

  • 198SIX

    you guys are the best!

  • Flash

    Awesome, just bought one

  • Cheers!

  • Way better than waiting 4-5 weeks!

  • Anon

    It gets resold as an open box item, obviously.

  • Ron

    Just bought out 20 of these. Reselling them on ebay for $200. Thanks for the tip!

  • Send our check in the mail Ron!

  • Kenneth Bokor

    Yup I got one too. Will be delivered by tomorrow.

  • MGSayah

    The Apple Pencil is back in stock now, but it’s 149.99$ + tax… WTF?! Why has BestBuy increased the price? Is there a way to get them to price match another store? I tried price matching it with the Apple Store but they won’t budge because they dont price match OEM.

  • Kenneth

    Just curious if anyone who purchased their Pencil at this time thru Best Buy has had any problems with the Pencil working?