Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Stock Sells Out Worldwide


If you want to buy an iPad Pro, you can have it in up to five business days, but that’s not the case for the key accessories, the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, that went on sale alongside the gigantic tablet. For those, you will have to wait up to five weeks.

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And that’s in the US, as well as in Canada, Australia, the UK and other countries. Mashable checked both the online Apple Store and several retail stores, and found stores don’t have supplies of either the Smart Keyboard or the Pencil. For example, salespeople at Apple’s Grand Central and West 14th Street stores in New York say they have only a handful of Smart accessories, and for demo purposes only.

When contacted, an Apple spokesperson said:

“Customers are very excited for iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard,” an Apple spokesperson told Mashable. “We have limited supply of Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard in Apple Retail stores. Our stores will continue to receive regular shipments and we encourage customers to visit for online availability and delivery dates.”

As a result, if you want a keyboard, you may want to buy the one by offered by Logitech. As for the Apple Pencil, well, you’ll have to wait.


  • Ian

    You’ll have to wait, AND dish out $358 dollars… That’s crazy…

  • Flash

    I bought my pro at the Apple Store in Edmonton and they told me that the pen(cil) and keyboard haven’t officially been released yet and that it should happen this weekend…nothing about it being sold out.

  • Henry Gan

    I don’t believe this is true. I called the Apple Store in Pacific Centre Vancouver, they said Apple Pencil and Keyboard will be in stock starting Friday, which is today

  • It may vary from store to store but the Toronto location we just spoke with said nothing is available today and to try next week.

  • KIII

    They will be in stock everywhere when Apple Pay launches next week ????

    On a different topic- what will our forests look like in a decade from now? ????