Apple Posts iPad mini ‘Estimated Delivery Date’ Map for Canada


Apple has posted an ‘Estimated Delivery Date’ map for iPad mini and 4th gen iPad pre-orders, a similar move they did for iPhone 5 pre-orders (and the iPad 3). The map is specifically geared towards those with order acknowledgements of “Delivers 11/2 – 11/6”.

The iPad mini (and 4th gen iPad) launch is next Friday, November 2nd. Those residing in major urban areas are in Delivery Zone 1 and will receive their orders on the launch day. Delivery Zones 2/3 move later into the next week and Zone 4 is two weeks later:

If you’re in Delivery Zone 1, there’s a 95-99% chance you’ll receive your order on launch day (I’ve always had my pre-orders arrive on time; others too but some not so lucky).

White iPad mini pre-orders were noted earlier to show availability of ‘2 weeks’. Let’s hope that changes since white orders in the U.S. show launch day delivery dates.


  • Mine says between 2 and 6 nov.

  • I cancelled my white iPad mini after I saw it said 2 weeks and went for the black instead . I have the nov 2-6 timeframe too now .

  • Opus

    i ordered a 16gb white wifi version and has Nov 21 as delivery date

  • Ordered my 16gb black wifi only iPad and have a nov 2-6 timeframe also

  • Why are you guys buying the Mini? I do not see the point of it unless you have an iPad. Does anyone actually like it, or it is because it is cheaper then iPad?

  • Opus

    Mainly for the weight. I have an iPad 3rd gen and it’s too heavy for me to bring daily on my commute to work. I bought it mainly for reading books. I just recently got the Nexus 7 and also liked the lightness of the device and the size. I am still strangling if I want to keep that or wait for the iPad mini to arrive.

  • Ordered a 16GB white with the Apple Store app, thought my eyes were crazy when I saw the 2 week delivery date. It’s for the wife, so we’ll wait.

  • For kids and grandkids. Perfect size and weight.

  • I think the White one looks MUCH better than the Black. It seems to be much more popular.

  • Yeah, white actually looks great for the iPad! We got the iPad 3 in white…nice to have some change compared to our black iPhones.

    “You can have an iPad in any color–as long as it’s in black or white” -Henry Ford Jobs

  • I was gunna get the white but as soon as I saw that 2 weeks I decided to go with black .. I’m used to the black by now so not a huge deal for me .. Plus the black backing looks absolutely badass .

  • Usually I hate waiting for things. Maybe I need a black one as well so I can get it on launch day? #fml

  • I see. Makes sence.