Apple Store Online Goes Down Ahead of iPad Air Sales Tonight


Apple’s online stores for Canada and the USA have gone down ahead of iPad Air sales, set to kick off at 12:01AM PDT on November 1, 2013.

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Earlier today, customers in Asia and Australia got their hands on the iPad Air, which have already been unboxed. Apple retail stores are set to open at 8AM local time for the iPad Air launch.

Most resellers such as Future Shop and Best Buy will also be open at 8AM local time; both stores will also be launching a new iPad trade-in program, set to go live on their websites early in the AM. You can also find the iPad Air at Staples, Walmart, London Drugs and basically any Apple reseller. Best to make some calls or use the app TalkTo to do it for you.

If you are staying up to order online from, be sure to download the Apple Store iOS app to place your order as it’s easier and faster than ordering on the web.

What iPad Air are you buying tonight? Colour? Configuration?


  • K4

    I’m torn between Silver and Space Grey. My 1st go to choice is definitely silver, but I have a feeling Apple is going to add the Touch ID sensor on the iPad Air next year, which looks WAYYYYY better on the silver model. So maybe this year I’ll stick with the Space Grey and get the updated iPad Air with the gorgeous silver ring around the Touch ID sensor. Anyone else is in the same dilemma as me? Oh, 128GB LTE version, who am I kidding right? xD

  • I am also in a similar situation, however I have decided to go with Space Gray. My iPad 3 is in white, but I feel it’s time for a change. I like the black bezel when watching videos better than white.

  • xxxJDxxx

    I bought my 5S in space grey. I go back and forth on which color to get, but I’ve always noticed the white looking better when I see other peoples ipads.

    I also cant decide if i should order online now or take my chances at the store in the morning. Be nice to have it in my hands tomorrow…

  • K4

    Personally it’s been 27 min after the online order opened and it’s still showing shipping time within 24 hours, plus all the reports say the stores will have lots of supply. I will go to the store check out both colours and then decide with one to pull the trigger on.