Apple’s 12w USB Charger Decreases iPad 3 Charging Times by an Hour


12w usb charger

(image via iLounge)

iLounge has reviewed Apple’s 12w USB charger, a new accessory to alleviate concerns people had over the slow charging times associated with the larger iPad 3 and iPad 4 batteries. According to iLounge, their tests revealed iPad 3 charging times decreased by an hour, while iPad 4 times dropped by 36 minutes:

In our testing, the 12W Adapter brought the charging time of a third-generation iPad down to 5 hours and 28 minutes—a reduction of roughly one hour or 15%—while the fourth-generation model saw a smaller drop from 5 hours and 41 minutes to 5 hours and 6 minutes. This is still significantly longer than it takes to charge an iPad 2 with the 10W Adapter, but it’s an appreciated improvement that addresses one of our primary concerns with the later generation tablets.

Recharging times have increased due to the faster 2.5-Amp speed in the new 12w USB charger compared to 2.1-Amps in the old charger. As for the iPad mini, we were first to tell you it ships with the regular 5w USB power adapter that comes with the iPhone.

The 12w USB charger is available from for $19. Anyone buy one of these for their iPads?


  • I got one it only cost me $600 😛

  • Mike

    I bought a 12w charger for my iPad 3 … Worth the money!

  • Rawbear

    I use an iPhone charger… overnight! My iPad is on my bed stand. 5 watts is enough.

  • Richard M

    I use my iPad charger for my phone. Wonder how much faster this one will charge it?

  • ????Dennis

    Does anyone know if using a 10w or 12w charger on an iPhone harm the battery? I have always wondered this and never used my iPad charger to charge my iPhone cause I believed it would decrease the amount of cycles the battery had left and do other unknown harm.

    Can anyone with knowledge about this sort of thing shed some light on the topic?

  • Johnnygoodface

    Just keep in mind that the difference between a 5, 10 and 12W power supply is the current they can PROVIDE to the device, since in this case voltage is always 5V (a USB standard). For example the 12W, at 5V will be able to provide UP TO 2.4A/h. Now the iPhone 5 REQUIRES about 1A/h to properly charge, this means that the 12W power supply will be able to provide the 1A/h needed. It won’t “push” 2.4A/h, just the 1A/h needed.

  • ????Dennis

    That sums it up perfectly, thanks Johnny.

  • Steven

    Can I use this new charger with the new mini-ipad?