Check Out Audi Canada’s Slot Car Race Track Controlled by iPads [VIDEO]



Audi Canada along with ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo created a documentary detailing the company’s project of creating a pretty cool slot car race track, as part of a marketing program known as the Audi quattro Experience. The coolest part? The scaled down model cars had cameras mounted inside to provide a point of view racing experience, all controlled via iPads.

The handcrafted 20 x 7 foot custom track made by Slot Mods USA contains three custom-made Audi A4 models with every single detail included. Mounted inside were miniature spy cams to wirelessly stream video back to iPads, controlled by a custom app to allow controlling of speeds by a digital thumb control.

Audi let the public try out the track back in September of last year in downtown Toronto’s Royal Bank Plaza. Check out the pictures below:

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Full documentary video below:

Did anyone in Toronto manage to give this a try?

[via TechCrunch, Facebook]


  • Yup. I played around with this at Royal Bank Plaza last year. Lots of fun, but I got screwed on the last lap of the race. I’ll win next time… 🙂

  • Awesome. Next time, take out your rival driver with a hip check. It would be the right thing to do 😉

  • I considered slapping the iPad out of my opponent’s hands, but I figured that Audi might have a problem with that.

  • Hey, you gotta do what it takes sometimes to get that ‘W’.