Best Buy Black Friday Deals: iPads and iTunes Gift Cards on Sale


If you’re looking for a new iPad this Friday, be sure to check out Apple’s upcoming one-day Black Friday sale. It’s set to start just after midnight tonight on November 23rd. 

Looks like Best Buy will have some deals on the iPad as well (via RFD). 

iPad with Retina Display:
16 GB* Wi-Fi
Save $45

32 GB* Wi-Fi
Save $55

64 GB* Wi-Fi
Save $65

iPad 2:
16 GB* Wi-Fi
Save $30
$369.99 (matches Staples)

64 GB* Wi-Fi + 3G
Save $30

There’s also a sale on iTunes gift cards. You can get a $50 card for $39, which is $11 off.

There are also sales ongoing at Staples and Walmart for the iPad too. Let us know if you’re going to do some shopping tomorrow.


  • Im going to pick me up 2 gift cards, $100 for $78 isn’t too shabby .

  • 22% off all iTunes purchases. That’s an awesome deal.

  • Ricky

    This must be the US Best Buy because our local store said they would price match but had no new ipads on sale and weren’t open at midnight tonight. So I guess it’s off to Staples…

  • Olley

    Does iTunes gift card discount ever go beyond 20%? An extra dollar off is nice, but not much of an incentive for me 😛

  • It’s worth it if you plan to purchase higher priced software in the Mac App Store.

  • Jon

    Nope, Canadian. Check your flyer!

  • JOK3R

    I get itunes cards 25% off at Work

  • Ira

    Midnight pacific or eastern?

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  • Boo

    Where are iTunes card on sale? I can’t find it.

  • ThatGuy

    $1 off every $5… That’s $10 off every $50. What price point is worth it for u to buy an iTunes gift card?