Commander Chris Hadfield Filmed & Edited ‘Space Oddity’ Using His iPad [VIDEO]



Chris Hadfield, a Canadian space commander of the International Space Station, who became an internet sensation after his rendition of David Bowie’s classic song Space Oddity, filmed and edited his version of Space Oddity using his iPad and Apple’s GarageBand app, CultOfMac is reporting.

In his many video transmissions from Space, Hadfield has been seen using an iPad as a teleprompter, in combination with an app.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the ‘Space Oddity’ video below and feel proud while you do:


  • Evan Hadfield

    He did not edit, nor film Space Oddity with his iPad.

  • Holy shit, Evan, you’re everywhere! Great job on this video and all of the stuff you’ve done for your dad. I don’t think most people realize how much of your dad’s social media genius was really you behind the scenes.

    As for this article, I really hate how that random quote about Chris becoming an internet sensation JUST because of this video keeps getting regurgitated everywhere. Chris was already an internet sensation long before this amazing video went viral.

  • Carlos

    This article should be revised or taken down, Gary.