First iPad mini Reviews Hit the Web [Round Up]


The embargo has been lifted on iPad mini reviews. The new 7.9 inch tablet is set to launch in numerous countries this Friday, November 2nd and it includes Canada.

The first reviews have hit the web, here’s a round up of what’s out there so far so check them out:

Here are the 4th generation iPad reviews so far:

…developing, refresh for updates


  • Amazing to think that the tablet market was basically non-existent 3 years ago and now here we are with two size variants from Apple, a hardware offering direct from Microsoft, and an army of Android tablets trying to fill in the lower price points as well as offer high end iPad alternatives. Thankfully, it killed off the awful netbook fad. 🙂

  • Hard to believe how fast tech is moving right now. But yeah, Netbooks were annoying and pointless. Glad to see we’ve moved on from them.

  • Rio

    haha 100% agree, I dont like using my 13in macbook. No idea how people managed with a netbook

    There is always something about Apple products that just feels so nice in your hands.

  • Apple will get you the moment you pick up and hold one of their devices in your hands. It’s irresistible.

  • Just got a shipping notification for my iPad Mini last night. I have no idea why I bought one of these things… I really don’t need it… but I couldn’t resist for some reason!! 🙂