First iPad mini Smart Covers Arrive in Canada [PIC]


Looks like iPad mini Smart Cover deliveries have arrived in Canada head of Friday’s launch. The new cover retails for $45 (online availability shows shipping in 1-2 days) and comes in a variety of colours including (PRODUCT) RED.

Below is a picture sent in via @ferrarif1:

Yesterday, the first iPad mini and 4th gen iPad reviews hit the web and today unboxing pictures appeared  as well. Apple previously posted an iPad mini delivery estimate map to allow customers to track their orders.

Our own iPad mini Smart Cover order has arrived at its destination and if all goes according to plan, it should be delivered today. Have you received your iPad mini Smart Cover yet? What colour did you get?


  • Mine’s at home waiting for me. I would have gotten it yesterday if the hurricane weather hadn’t messed up the carrier progress. Now if only I had a device to cover…

  • Tommy

    I had a delivery of 0.3 kg delivered today but I wasn’t home to accept it from UPS. I got the dark grey cover and I imagine that was it. However, the weight of the package got me excited it was something else 🙂

    Anyone have tracking info for their iPad mini yet? I imagine mine is local it’s just not showing the tracking info until Friday

  • iPad mini lightning accessories are shipped as well. Got my Camera Connector cable this morning with my Smart Cover

  • Got my green one today 🙂

  • Got mine at 11h09 today

  • Still saying preparing for shipment for my iPad. I’m pretty sure that ill received it next Tuesday, thanks to Sandy…

  • RandyV

    Received my covers and cables today. My iPad mini order has been saying preparing for shipment since Sunday, so if it hasn’t shipped yet I don’t expect it to arrive at my Toronto address until next week.

  • Melvin Wong

    got the smart cover, looks pretty nice – still waiting for the thing that its supposed to snap onto…

  • wstoneman

    Dont worry, my iphone 5 was preparing for shipment up until release day. I live in down town Toronto… so I assume they have a stock pile in Concord waiting to be delivered.

  • Looks like what happened with the iPhone 5 is happening again with the iPad mini. It’s pretty impressive how Apple is able to ship all of these out so quickly.

    Gary Ng
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  • RandyV

    Thanks for the info, I didn’t know they did that as all my orders previously have come from China including my iPhone 5, mind you I was about 2 hours late ordering my iPhone 5 so missed the initial shipment.

  • Just got my shipping conformation not sure where the iPad is coming from but it says ” recieve it Nov 6″ ill be pretty upset . :/ . Ups tracking isn’t working yet so we will have to wait till later today I guess . My guess is its coming straight from China .