Hands On: iPad Air in Space Gray; Silver iPad Air Unboxing [VIDEO]


This morning we got our grubby little paws on Apple’s latest iPad Air in Space Gray. After unwrapping the plastic off the box and taking some obligatory unboxing photos, we must say this new iPad Air is impressive.

Picking up the iPad Air for the first time is reminiscent of the feelings of holding an iPad mini for the first time—it’s pretty darn lightweight and very thin. Coming from an iPad 3, the iPad Air feels incredibly lighter and very compact. All you see is a thin bezel and all screen.

Typing in portrait mode is now actually possible and holding the iPad one-handed for more than a few minutes is no longer tiresome. When you think about all the tech crammed within this thin tablet, it boggles your mind. Oh, and the speaker seems much louder compared to the iPad 3.

Okay, that’s enough iPad Air gushing for now. Check out some of our unboxing images below of the Space Gray model (along with comparison shots to the iPad 3, which just looks downright fat now and feels slow), followed by an unboxing video of the silver and white iPad Air by our resident video pro Kris Meador. These images should give you an idea of what to expect.

Ipad air space gray23

Ipad air space gray27

Ipad air space gray24

Ipad air space gray06

Ipad air space gray09

Ipad air space gray11

Ipad air space gray12

Ipad air space gray21

Ipad air space gray17

Ipad air space gray22

This morning, from what you’ve told us via Twitter and email, it appears most iPad Air configurations for the most part were widely available at retail stores and resellers.

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  • gerry

    I had the original iPad, and picking this sucker up today, what a difference lol.

  • Wow. I can only imagine the jump!

  • Daniel

    I do love the space Gray but when I had my black mini the black anodizing was though but started to wear on the edges on the front wit really pissed me off. So I went white this time .

  • Laszlo Panaflex

    Wow, I would have never thought of that! I told a nearby shop to hold a black one for me so I can pick it up after work today. Now, I’m going to get the white one instead!

  • Daniel

    I tried the whit iPad out for a week . After a week of watching videos and playing games and such , I couldn’t take it i went and traded it in for a 32gb space Gray (16gb just doesn’t cut it anymore)I find the white bezel distracting . With the black it’s almost like its part of the screen . Seems a lot more natural . Tho my gripe with the anodizing is valid . The white just takes away from the overall iPad experience IMO. I’m going to try to take care of it much better this time and hope the anodizing holds up.

  • In using a 16GB model as a coffee table iPad and it works, but yeah it really comes down to app/memory management with this capacity, Apple needs to start at 32GB minimum. I also went back to black iPad Air from a white iPad 3 and it’s so much better for movies.