Have You Noticed Any ‘Lack Of Colour’ with Your Retina iPad Mini?


Ipad mini retina

The major highlight of the second-generation iPad Mini as we all know is a Retina display, which measures in at 2048 x 1536 with a pixel density of 326ppi. While AnandTech’s recent in-depth review praises the new device quite a lot, some new tests run by the tech review site seem to claim that the Retina iPad Mini can’t compete with the iPad Air at showing the same wide range of colours (via CNET).

“The difference is small but apparent,” Anandtech said, especially to people accustomed to the full sRGB coverage found in the Air and the Retina Display MacBook Pros and the iMac. The most visible deviations are in the red/blue and magenta colors, Anandtech noted, which can been see in a side-by-side comparison of the Mini and the Air on Anandtech’s site.

“The display looks really good otherwise, but you don’t get the same visual punch you do on the iPad Air,” Anandtech said. The source claims that the Retina iPad Mini’s sRGB coverage is “limited” compared with that of the iPad Air and with those of rival tablets, such as the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX. Why the difference in color range between the two iPads? AnandTech speculates that Apple may see the Air as “a better candidate for photographers and other people concerned about colour reproduction”.

Well, I’m not sure if any one other than Anand Lal Shimpi can pick up any ‘lack of colour’ in the iPad Mini’s gorgeous Retina display in real life usage, but if you are one of those super-human beings who can, please don’t forget to share with us in the comments section.


  • Nick Cameron Greene

    I’ve noticed exactly this with my retina mini. I haven’t compared it to an air, but when I compare it to my 5S it’s really clear that the color range just isn’t the same. It doesn’t really bother that much because the screen is still gorgeous. I figure in 6 months when this gets all straightened out, I’ll just go to the Genius Bar and swap it.

  • Matthew

    it’s a non-issue, it’s just people looking for issues. people are never happy.

    i for one, love my new retina mini.

  • ????Dennis

    I bought a 32gb and 64gb on launch day. Hoping to keep one and sell one. After hearing about all the screen issues, I opened both to check each screen and decide which one to keep after… Well the 32gb had the image burn-in/ghosting. Both had washed out colours. When compared to my iPhone 5 it is really noticeable.

    I’ll wait till Samsung starts making screens for Apple in December and pick one up then. This Gamut-gate issue is unacceptable for a product the are charging more for!! The colours are so dull it’s rediculous.

  • ThatGuy

    I don’t see a picture or a link to the article… I would like to see the comparison.