Apple Upgrades 5GB Free iCloud Storage to 200GB for Teachers and Students Only


Apple’s free iCloud storage has been at 5GB for a long time now, and in 2018, that just doesn’t cut it as a complimentary tier.

Ipad 2018

Which is why Apple announced today it is upgrading its free iCloud storage to 200GB for teachers and students, as of today. According to Apple’s announcement, “any teacher or student with a Managed Apple ID has access to 200GB of free iCloud storage,” starting today.

With iCloud, students and teachers can safely store their documents, creative projects and more in the cloud, with access to files from any device.

Now if only everyone else could get a free bump to 200GB for iCloud, that would be nice, right? #dreaming


  • Manpreet Singh

    I don’t see it as an option. I have student Apple Music and shall see it. Great news anyway.

  • “any teacher or student with a Managed Apple ID has access to 200GB of free iCloud storage,”

  • Kevin

    5GB is long outdated, there’s plenty of other cloud storage options that offer well over 5GB for free, 15GB, 25GB, even seen 50GB of free storage. I think the giant Apple needs to do better cuz you know, we already pay a premium for their smartphones!

  • Mike

    I don’t see it either

  • sully54

    This was an education specific keynote so I’m not surprised the 200gb free storage was only made available to students. But I’m willing to bet they’ll also be upgrading free storage to at least 50gb at WWDC. They have to at this point if they want people to use iCloud.

  • Sean Funk

    yes but how do we tell Apple that we are students or teachers? I

  • Manpreet Singh

    I think “managed” means their new student/teachers apps. “ Managed” doesn’t apply to Uniidays managed students or teachers.

  • Manpreet Singh

    Don’t worry, Apple will give us 50 gb free storage at WWDC. I bet all the money I have ever seen.

  • swotam

    While I’d love 200GB for free, I don’t really understand why people who find 5GB insufficient (which it is) don’t at least pay $1.29 per month for 50GB. I mean, come on, it’s such a paltry amount of money it’s not even worth thinking about.

    And really, if spending $15/year to keep your data in the cloud isn’t worth it to you then presumably you don’t place much value on your ability to do this in the first place.