12.2-inch iPad Air Plus Versus iPhones, iPads, and MacBook Pro [VIDEO]

Rumours about the iPad Pro have been around for a while now, but with contradictory reports. Fact is, we haven’t see the device materialize since the rumours began. Last week, however, Mac Fan obtained the blueprint of the alleged bigger iPad, now dubbed as the iPad Air Plus (via Pocket-Lint).

Ipad air plus

There were two notable changes compared to the previous rumours. First, its size: Earlier reports talked about a 12.9-inch iPad, but the Mac Fan source mentioned a 12.2-inch tablet. Secondly, its name: The latest report took a page out of the iPhone 6 naming pattern, and now the report says the bigger-screen tablet will be named the iPad Air Plus.


Whatever its name, YouTube poster Canoopsy took the rumour a step further and created a mock-up of the bigger iPad, comparing it to Apple’s current line of phones and tablets.

As you can see from the video below, the iPad Plus is just a little smaller than the MacBook Pro, so it can be considered as a laptop replacement for many who are after portability. However, it is worth mentioning that Apple has stated many times that there is no need to use a touchscreen on a laptop. It remains to be seen whether the device will be a new iPad, or a new MacBook Pro size.

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  • Tim

    The iPad can’t be “pro” unless iOS becomes “pro” and iOS is not “pro”. It’s made to be simple, efficient, and intuitive. Tablets have a role in work and play, but touch interfaces are not optimal for most professional work. I don’t want to video/photo edit on a tablet. I don’t want to make code without a real keyboard. I don’t want to record music with no real inputs . Perhaps it would work well as something to draw on, but that’s about it. I have an iphone 6. I like it, but don’t put an OS an tablet that makes it look like a fisher price toy and call it pro.

  • Al

    I’ve been saying ever since the iPad Air 1 was launched that an iPad Pro was coming, but instead of running iOS, it would run OSX. Along with an optional keyboard directly from Apple.

    It’s a product space that they sort of tried to fill with the MacBook Air, but not quite. The computer/tablet with a detachable keyboard is the gaping whole in their computer product line, and I personally believe the iPad Pro will fill it (if it does, in fact, run OS X).

  • Al

    “iPad Air Plus” ?!
    No way in hell. Whoever thought that up needs to go find a new hobby that doesn’t require any sort of common sense thinking.

  • Flash

    The iPad pro needs to be the Apple version of the surface 3 but better. It needs to run OS X and needs to have the same input capabilities of a Mac book – I would hope for a connecting hinge which can be removed so you could use it just like a big iPad – and the connecting hinge (picture a 1″ cylinder the length of the iPad) would have the inputs, extra battery capacity. I want a surface pro made by Apple.

  • Anon

    It’s been said before, it’s not going to run an OS that was never optimized for touch. That’s unless they completely redesign OSX specifically for it, like the metro crap MS did to their OS – absolutely horrible idea. It’s more likely to run iOS with exclusive features, integrated digitizer with both touch and REAL pen optimized input (current solutions for pen are nothing more than ‘touch’ hacks). Split multi-screen view, etc. and whatever else they can come up with (lacking in current iPad) under the iOS environment.

  • Al

    Nope. Since any OS will work with touch, it’s the UI of the software being used that may, or may not, need to be optimized.
    If this comes to pass (running OS X), Apple, and a few key software companies will introduce software better suited for a combo touch/pen/keyboard environment, and then other software will, of course, follow suit.
    I agree about the pen. Using a stylus (even an expensive one with a smaller tip) on the iPad is like the dark ages. But they need to do a heck of a lot more than that and a split screen, otherwise the device will likely be pointless to most people.

  • Anon

    Have you ever tried remotely logging in to your Mac via with your iPad? If not, try it. That’s exactly how it would be if OSX were running on the iPad. I do it from time to time, when i need to access flash sites, or grab files remotely. It’s quite the hair pulling experience.

  • Al

    Refer to my second paragraph.

  • Anon

    I’m pretty sure the creative geniuses that work at Apple will come up with something innovative. I only mentioned the pen and split screen features because those are desirable.