Here’s a Roundup of the First iPad Air Reviews on the Web [u]

Reviews of Apple’s new iPad Air hit the web this evening. Here’s a quick roundup of reviews you should read if you’re considering the iPad Air. So far, reviews have emphasized (as expected) the tablet’s lighter form factor, battery life and speed improvements as reasons for upgrading to this new device:

These reviews ought to keep you busy until Friday, November 1, when the iPad Air launches, with online orders expected to take place at 12:01AM PDT, while retail stores will open at 8AM.

Rogers, Telus and Bell will offer LTE models on launch day, while resellers such as Future Shop, Best Buy, Staples, etc. will also offer the device.

Are you buying the iPad Air this Friday? What model are you going to get? We will be picking up a 16GB WiFi model, but can’t decide on the colour yet (we’re upgrading from an iPad 3). Should we stick with white, or go Space Gray?

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  • Getting a 64GB white Wi-Fi model! Upgrading from my 64GB white Wi-Fi 3rd Gen.

  • Al

    One more year at least for me before upgrading my iPad 3. By then, it will have a refined fingerprint sensor, more apps that take advantage of 64bit, and more current Wi-Fi. Although I’m also curious to see what the next iPad (not ‘Air’) may be.

  • Shameer Mulji

    The only review that matters is the Anandtech review. Every other review feels like amateur hour.

  • Shameer Mulji

    After totally revamping the iPad mini retina and iPad Air, what next iPad are you expecting?

  • AnandTech reviews are like small novels. Definitely need to read them when you have time to sit.

  • Al

    This was discussed in posts for another article. But in essence…
    Appending “Air” to iPad makes no sense. Nobody wants to say, “iPad Air” … They just want to say “iPad”. As per Apple naming conventions, there needs to be a “regular” iPad in order to also have an “Air”. This year there is still the iPad 2 as the “regular” iPad. That won’t be the case next year. So what “new” device will be the regular iPad next year? That’s the question.

  • Shameer Mulji

    “So what “new” device will be the regular iPad next year?”
    That’s assuming of course that there will be a “regular” iPad next year. There may not be.

  • Shameer Mulji

    If you think his reviews are long, you should check out John Siracusa’s review of OSX Mavericks;

  • Yeah, Siracusa’s OS X reviews are also nutty. 25K words

  • Al

    Perhaps. But then the question would be… Why did they complicate the name by adding “Air”. Yes, it’s smaller and lighter, but that’s just a step in the natural evolution of the device. It’s no reason to rebrand and already established brand. I mean, they screwed up with the “New iPad”. One would have thought they would have learned their lesson over that ridiculous move. “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it”. And the name “iPad” ain’t broke.

    So I’m keeping faith that they aren’t going to be idiots again who just like the mess up a good thing. Although I am suspicious that Apple may be somewhat losing touch with reality (ex; iPhone 5c).