First iPad Air Smart Cover Orders Have Shipped from


For those that ordered a Smart Cover from last night at midnight, some of the first orders made have shipped. Our order placed last night has shipped along with a UPS tracking number, which isn’t ‘live’ yet.

Ipad air smart cover shipped

Last night we also placed an online order for an iPad Air, but ended up cancelling our order this morning over the phone with Apple. Why? Well, the website stated ‘shipping within 24 hours’ but in reality, delivery estimates pegged a date of November 12 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model. Of course this date is probably an exaggerated estimate from Apple, but this morning our local Future Shop had plenty of stock available on hand.

ipad air future shop

Most Apple resellers we spoke with did not receive any Smart Cover shipments today. Expect those to arrive later.



  • Olley

    but the display models are yet updated… :S

  • windsorsean

    The US online Apple Store had 1 day shipping for the new iPad Air or pick-up in store option. Meanwhile my 3:01am Canadian order still does not have shipping confirmation 19 hours later. However my 12pm Best Buy online order shipped within hours. What gives Apple? It appears they are not keeping stock in Canada for online orders.

  • windsorsean

    I should add my smart cover order from Canadian Apple Store has shipped and is showing 2 days for delivery. Still no iPad though.

  • I canceled my online Apple order as my estimated date of delivery was Nov. 12. Went to Future Shop instead and got one right away.

  • windsorsean

    I tried to do that, unfortunately my Future Shop was not carrying any 64GB LTE models. Same with Best Buy.

  • xxxJDxxx

    I was after a 64gb model too and they were no where to be found. I was able to find stock of plenty of 16s, 32s and a few 128s but every store I went to said they received zero 64s…

  • xxxJDxxx

    I was able to find plenty of smart covers at a local best buy but all they had was black.. Fortunately that’s what i wanted =)

  • The shelves were full of iPad Air Smart Covers/Cases at the Apple Store in Winnipeg around 6pm.

  • Ted

    What does this have to do with iPhones?

  • Derrick

    Looks like my iPad order from Apple has shipped. Just as I was considering cancelling it and getting one from Futureshop.

  • windsorsean

    The Apple Store order shipped as of this morning and the delivery date has been updated to Nov 8. So now to see whether Apple or Best Buy get here first!

    My local Best Buy told me that they will not be stocking any 64GB since they are the least popular model. That seems very odd.

  • Xxx

    What a XxXXing bunch of xxxxs you are.