Here is the iPad Air Connected to WIND Mobile’s AWS Network [PICS]


In late October we told you Apple had updated the iPad Air section on its website to note support for 1700/2100MHz AWS bands, which would mean it would be fully functioning on newer wireless entrants WIND Mobile, Mobilicity, Eastlink and Videotron in Canada.

We can now show you the Wi-Fi + Cellular version of the iPad Air connected to WIND Mobile’s 3G network, courtesy of reader Basil. The images below clearly show the iPad Air connected to WIND Mobile and Basil notes he is using the company’s $35 data stick plan. He did need insert APN settings of and use manual carrier selection as the ‘auto’ feature would drop his signal sometimes.

Basil confirmed iMessage works, he says FaceTime shows it is ‘connected’ but has yet to test it out for 100% confirmation. Other than a few disconnections here and there, he is not dealing with any other issues.

Ipad air wind mobile

Ipad air wind mobile2

Of course, by using the iPad Air on WIND Mobile, you are limited to the 3G network and no LTE.

According to iFixit, the iPad Air cellular model shares the same Qualcomm M9615M LTE Processor found in the iPhone 5s and 5c, which also supports 1700/2100MHz AWS bands out of the box.

Are you using your cellular iPad Air on any other AWS networks in Canada? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.


  • Dr. AL

    of course iMessage and FaceTime will work. On the iPad it links only an Apple ID to send iMessages and for FaceTime.

    While Wind does have issues with the iPhone, the issue there is with the short code messages that WIND does not support, iMessages and FaceTime still work fine on the iPhone but through an Apple ID which is the same as the iPad.

    Also yes the iPad may want to join the WIND-Away network more often, but that is because the WIND-Away network is just Rogers, which in most cases has a strong signal, and may be stronger than the WIND network. The device will attempt to connect to the best network that it can, same goes for the iPhone, but since you presumably want to stay on the WIND network and avoid national roaming charges, it would be prudent to manually select the WIND network under carrier settings.

  • SkAshe

    Weird, I’m with Videotron and and mine always try to connect to the Videotron’s network before the partner one (which is Rogers). Sometime it’s annoying because when I have like 0.0000001 reception bar on the Videotron network, it always switches me from Videotron to Rogers and vice-versa.

    Since roaming is free in Quebec on the Rogers’s network, I don’t mind roaming if the reception is better.

  • Kalvin

    I’ve got the iPad mini retina connected to winds pay as you go 2$/ day unlimited everything plan,

    which is prefect if you don’t use/use much ipad data daily, I’m planning on using personal hotspot from my (non wind)phone for days of light data usage and wind directly on the ipad for heavy usage, I read that you need an MBB plan (data only like the data stick plan) it with but that it costs 2$/hour up to 5$/day, but if you use the pay your way plan for phones it gives you unlimited data until midnight for 2$(mind you the data fair usage policy is 5gb, instead of 10 with MBB plan)
    and in addition to being less than half the 5$ day cost, using the phone plan also gives you unlimited calling and texting if you wanted to swap Your SIM card into an iPhone to use it.

    It took a bit to get it to work but once I put in the apn of everything orked great

  • Kalvin

    As far as I can tell, is the apn needed for ipad to work on the data stick plan, and is the one needed for phone plan