Here’s the Ultimate Boot Speed Comparison for All iPads [VIDEO]

Ipad speed test

A new video comparing the boot speeds of all iPads released till date i.e the iPad 1 vs. iPad 2. vs. iPad 3 vs. iPad 4 vs. iPad Air vs. iPad mini 1 vs. iPad mini 2, has just been published by the folks over at iClarified. All the iPads were freshly restored to iOS 7 (except of the iPad 1), fully charged and with no SIM card inserted.

The counter was started from the exact moment each device received USB signal and stopped as soon as slide-to-unlock appeared.

Check out the video embedded below and share your thoughts with us:

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  • websnap

    Stupid slow iPad 3… Now I need a new one… (jj)

  • Get the iPad Air!

  • websnap

    Actually considering it. It’s loading comics really slow (maybe i’m spoiled by my iPhone 5s).

  • Guest111

    Video is unavailble