Apple Quietly Launches iPad mini 4 with A8 CPU Starting at $439


During today’s Apple special event when SVP Phil Schiller was discussing the company’s iPad line up and prices, he spent less than 30 seconds talking about the new iPad mini 4.

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All he said was there’s a “brand new iPad mini 4, that we’re also launching today,” along with noting the new iPad mini 4 is the iPad Air 2 into the smaller 7.9-inch form factor, starting at $399USD/$439 CAD.

The iPad mini 4, powered by the A8 CPU from the iPhone 6, is priced as follows:

  • 16GB – $439; Cellular $579
  • 64GB – $549; Cellular $689
  • 128GB – $659; Cellular $799

These prices are the same as last year’s iPad mini 3, except now you get an upgraded A8 processor. Surprisingly, the lower Loonie has affected these iPad prices (yet). Also, looks like Digitimes was correct in saying there would be no iPad Air 3 this fall.

Anyone going to order one an iPad mini 4?


  • Nigleet

    This shows a whole lot of inconsistency with Apple. Looking at the iPhone 6S in US versus CAN, you can see that it goes from 650USD to 900CDN. That is about a 40% difference, while the iPad mini 4 is at 400USD versus 440CDN, a 10% difference. How does the Canadian dollar being weak provide a basis for the difference in price for the iPhone at 40% while the iPad only jumps 10%. Seems like very strong regional price discrimination with huge inconsistency.

  • Zeke

    I’m getting the iPad Mini 4. I can’t wait. I’m getting the new iPad Mini 4 because I’d rather have Split Screen Multitasking instead of the 3D Touch on the new iPhone. I use Siri for a ton of tasks so I wouldn’t use the 3D Touch with the pop up options. Siri gets it done for me.

    I’m also absolutely excited for the new Case for the iPad Mini 4. The new Case only covers the back, not the screen. For the screen I have to get a Smart Cover and they work together. Finally I can mix up the colors of the case and Smart Cover. I’m thinking a black Case with a red Smart Cover.

    The new iPad Mini 4 is awesome. I’m so excited I can’t wait!

  • Zeke

    Wow there’s a lot of debate about the iPad mini 4 going on. Some people are saying Apple lied during the keynote today. I haven’t watched it but apparently Apple said it was an IPad Air 2 just smaller. Not true according to Apples website. It’s an A8 chip not A8x and speculation (take it for what it’s worth) is its 1GB of ram not 2GB. Apparently iPad Air 2 has 2GB of ram.

    Did Apple really just lie to us? God I hope Apple didn’t lie. It’s the only big corporation I actually trust.

  • aaloo

    The iPhone price variation reflects the true value of loonie. Apple is keeping the iPad mini prices low to drive sales. They know they won’t have issues selling the iPhone at its true market value.

  • K.

    And the 32GB version of the mini is gone with the ver 4.