iPad mini Data Plans from Rogers, TELUS, Bell and Soon MTS


MTS announced this morning they will soon support data plans for the iPad mini and 4th generation iPad to use their 4G HSPA+ network. Note this is not their 4G LTE network as it’s still underway, which the company notes will be offered in Winnipeg and Brandon this year with further expansion across Manitoba coming in 2013.

There’s no word on pricing but you can expect something similar to what Rogers, TELUS and Bell are offering, as noted below on Apple’s website. The monthly prices are the same across the board: $5/10MB; $15/250MB; $35/5GB:

Earlier this year Rogers, TELUS, Bell and Virgin unified their flex data plan promos for the iPad 3. We saw these carriers offered promotion of unlimited LTE data for the first two months in an attempt to sign up customers to one year contracts.

Rogers even had a promo that offered $200 credit to those that signed onto a longer year term. There’s no word on whether these promos will come back for the iPad mini but I have a feeling they will in some shape or form.

The iPad mini is set to launch in Canada this Friday, November 2nd.


  • Kinda funny, MTS just completed their HSPA+ network just few months back, now they are building a LTE network.

  • FragilityG4

    What can 10MB get you?

    10 emails
    2 songs
    30secs of a video

    Rogers, Bell and Telus … Still screwing you so deal with it!

  • Shier

    This is sad. I work at mts and this is the first place I hear we’re gunna support the iPad mini

  • Use your precious sweet data wisely.

  • Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Another perfect example of price fixing between the oligopoly members!

  • Will514

    wow. how surprising. they are exactly like the ipad plans and the big 3 have all the same plans and pricing.

  • I’ll just be tethering my iPad mini to my iPhone 5 hotspot (6GB for 30$ data plan)

  • MrXax

    10MB? Burn them all.

  • Rob

    Great to see competition is alive and thriving in Canada! I’m not sure where it is, it’s certainly not in the wireless business but I’m sure it’s somewhere.

  • Can I just swap sim cards with the iPad?

  • No, because the iPad mini uses a nano SIM.

  • Kelly Goldsmith

    5 Gb is actually $45 with Bell, not $35