iPad mini Event Round Up: What You Need to Know


iPad mini

Lots of awesome announcements were made today by Apple at their special event. Here’s a round up of today’s headlines in case you missed out:

Here’s a quick video overview of the iPad mini by @meadorsmusings:


  • Prailor

    Pass, dont need a third device that the only real difference is it smaller then one and bigger then the other.

  • fastrace24

    As someone who is an avid iPhone user, but doesn’t yet have an iPad…. Uh… This really isn’t enticing me at all. I’ve been considering an iPad for quite some time and I think the retina display model will be the way to go. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed. Lately, Apple hasn’t been wow-ing me in their usual fashion and as hard as it is to continually innovate, they seemed to be able to do just that FAR more often under Steve Jobs. I hope this year isn’t a preview of what Apple will be like down the road, because the competition (in my opinion) is already gaining.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    meh, i got a retina ipad but i will be getting a fourth gen for two reasons

    the switch to lightning, although obnoxious, if im gonna do it, might as well go all in


    the girlfriend really wants my retina… i will trade it for her 2

    which will then take up residence on my fridge… #firstworldproblems