iPad mini Launches Today with Shorter Line Ups Than Usual


Today marks the official launch of the iPad mini and 4th generation iPad in Canada and other launch countries around the world. Early reports have noted line ups haven’t been as huge compared to previous iPad launches. Below are a couple images of the Eaton Centre Apple Store in Toronto:

…at 5:42AM EDT (via @matthew416):

Eaton centre

…at 8:13AM EDT, around 25 people (via @swotam):

Eaton centre

The reason for shorter lines this time around? One could conclude it was due to the fact Apple had easy online pre-orders for the iPad mini last week. Others are probably holding off buying the iPad mini until they get hands on with the device. Early reviews noted the form factor (the iPad mini is slightly thinner than the iPhone 5) and build quality was impressive, but also noted the non-Retina display as a shortcoming.

We noted Future Shop and Best Buy would be open at 8AM local time for the iPad mini launch. Some stores had delays getting stock right at the opening.

So the big questions: did you buy an iPad mini today? Did you line up? Has your pre-order arrived yet?


  • My preorder arrived at 10:30 AM local time, and I am very pleased with my purchase.

  • My pre-order has arrived as of 11:45am EST.

  • I’m still waiting for UPS.

  • Kirk

    Will I line up for the iPad mini? No. Did I pre-order? No. Do I think it looks cool? Sure. But I’d be lying if I said not having a retina display on it is ok. I’ll just enjoy my third gen iPad in the mean time.

  • Do any of the stores have white minis?

  • dude

    Best Buy and Futureshop in Dartmouth, NS did not have any iPad Minis when they opened at 8am this morning. There was no line at either location. They indicated that their shipment was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy. Sometime before lunch they each received their shipment, Best Buy told me they received 10 32gb WiFi Black, and Futureshop ? 16gb WiFi Black. I picked up a 16gb WiFi Black.

  • Daniel

    I went to 4 different BBY and FS stores in the Mtl south shore. Either they had:
    – no stock
    – 16gb white
    – 64gb black
    I do have my preorder in for a 32gb white. If i was able to score one I would o cancelled my pre-order which ships in 2 weeks.

  • Mark

    “The reason for shorter lines this time around?” … Seriously?! Did you actually think people were going to rush to get an iPad mini like they did an iPhone or even an iPad? The BIG market segments are already covered. The demand in this segment is obviously going to be smaller. It’s a quirky size for one thing. And the competition in this market, who many people are devoted to, or prefer the pricing of, are introducing new products.

    Like the Mac Mini – it’s not for everyone.

    And many who would actually like one will wait until the next version comes out with Retina display, because they KNOW they will be super pissed when that happens and they already bought the first version.

  • Rusty

    Steve would have never agreed to making the iPad mini
    It looks cheap and feels like a toy, bad move by Apple.

  • I am so pleased that I went to the Eaton Centre (Toronto). I took that first image @ 5am

    The best part was being cheered in by the Apple’ista as the doors opened.

  • Note: I’m going to trademark “apple’ista” before someone else does. @matthew416

  • Anthony ?

    Do you honestly think that they hadn’t already started development of the Mini while Steve was still alive? Pretty sure it takes more than a year to get something like that from an idea in someone’s head to the store shelves.

    Besides, speculating what Steve might or might not have done is pointless. For one thing, he’s dead. Second thing, only Steve knows what Steve would or wouldn’t have agreed to. Steve was inevitably right until Steve decided that thinking the other way was right, so regardless it would have been the right move in his mind.

    We have always been at war with Eastasia…

  • There was a 40 min lineup at the apple store square one, Mississauga at about 1 pm. I got a black 32 from bb already. I had wanted a white but I guess I’ll just keep it.

  • Anthony ?

    So I wandered over to the Eaton Center store at lunch time. No iPad Mini for sale, all sold out, but there was a HUGE mob of people around the table where they had them setup. I poked around with one for a few minutes.

    It reminds me of a large iPod Touch with a chamfered edge. It’s nice and light, a good size if you want something smaller than the original iPad but not “too small”. It’s certainly nicer to read on than a 7″ tablet, and it’s not too heavy either.

    The screen is “ok”, but if you’ve been using a Retina device you will notice the difference, and not in a good way. Text looks a bit fuzzy, especially if you’re reading something like the New York Times site through Safari. It’s not bad, but it’s noticeable.

    If you’re looking for a smaller iPad it’s probably a good deal. Better than anything in the 7″ space IMO. Personally I’d wait for it to get a retina display though, wouldn’t get it as is.

  • Thanks for the image Matthew!

  • Patrick

    Small lineups and even smaller stock.

    Lined up at about 7am outside Richmond Centre and was about 20th in line. Line maybe doubled to 40-ish by the time the store opened. Was shocked when they announced “No more white minis” after handing out tickets to the first 10 people in line. They had less than 10 white minis for launch? Seriously, Apple?

    BestBuy: Only received Black 32GB models. Not sure how many.

    FutureShop: Haven’t received shipment yet … blamed it on Hurricane Sandy (!).
    London Drugs: None received in any of the regional stores.

  • Patrick

    Haven’t seen the mini yet but the lack of a retina display is certainly disappointing. I imagine there is more engineering work to do before a retina mini would meet the same ~ 10 hour battery life of its big brother.

    Nevertheless, my plan for dealing with the non-Retina display is surprisingly simple. I’m going to buy this one and then buy the retina version when it does come out.

  • anon

    The mistake on Apple’s part, was releasing it without a retina display and A5X or A6X processor. It’s essentially a 7.9″ version of the iPad 2. They should be stepping up the internals, instead taking a few steps back.

  • Olley

    Saw the status update this morning that my mini had arrived in BC at 3am so I was sure I’d get it by noon. However, I called to check in at 11am but they told me the package was STILL in Winnipeg due to a plane mechanical issue. I won’t be able to get it until Monday. UPS is really pissing me off because of the faulty status update – the plane never took off in Winnipeg but they f**king lied on their status update.

  • Brian

    It would have been too costly to include new upgrades to the iPad Mini every 8 months if they made it up to par with the iPad 4. Now in 2013 they can add retina and an newer-but-still-old processor and it’s still an upgrade people will be clamoring for.

  • Andrew Bee

    I had the iPad 2 3G version and sold it to get this iPad mini.
    Having no Regina display didn’t bother me on the iPad 2, I don’t think it’ll bother on the iPad mini. I know what it feels like on the iPhone 5 to have retina, but regardless, if ever I need the retina display, I can always sell and buy.. Not a big deal peeps 😉


  • Olley

    Update – the mini has arrived at 1pm! I have no idea how but never use UPS again. NEVER.

  • anon

    I guess it doesn’t really matter. There will always be idrones out there that will by anything released by Apple. Heck, I bet if they released it with iPad 1 specs, people will still buy it in droves. lol

  • xxxJDxxx

    They got you your package on time and you are still mad at them?

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’m surprised so many were lining up. Seems like such a niche product to me. Do people really own an iPad AND an iPad mini? If you are only going to buy one doesn’t it make more sense to buy the much better iPad 4? Or even 3?

  • Olley

    It never felt great to be told like that, no matter how many systems they have at UPS. I was frustrated by the fact that the plane never took off but the status showed it had landed in BC. The package eventually made it to my door yesterday, but this only proves my doubt. I don’t think I’ll use them anytime soon and I hope this is just an individual case. Good luck with the business.

  • xxxJDxxx

    if you got it in time then the plane must have taken off on time, or your package was on another plane. It sounds like their tracking was accurate and it was the person on the phone who got it wrong.

  • Olley

    It was the systems. I called them twice before the package was arrived. Both of times Vancouver system showed “arrival cancelled” while the online system said the plane had arrived/landed. The First representative asked for my number and ensured someone would call back (hah! right), but the second guy actually put me on hold and contacted the Winnipeg office. It turned out it was a mechanical error but they had NO idea where my package was. Here’s a simplified version

    Online tracking system- plane arrived. package scanned.

    Vancouver office – plane arrival cancelled. package location unknown.

    Winnipeg office – plane departure cancelled due to mechanical error. package location unknown.

    So my theory is that the plane was actually cancelled, and my package was thrown onto another plane. What’s been tracking online was the alternative plane, not the one that had been cancelled yet updated in both of their office systems.

    Anyways that’s a mouthful there… I hope this will clarify the confusion if there’s any. My friend’s happy with his mini and I’m glad that I didn’t break my promise.

  • chris

    You say that the second picture was at 8:13 a.m. EDT. Well… I was let into the store at 8:00 a.m. and then they stopped admitting people. There were over 100 people in line prior to 8:00 (I counted).