iPad mini LTE Model Availability Now Shows ‘2 Weeks’ for Canada


Apple has now set an approximation for the availability of LTE iPad mini models for Canadians (thanks @RedsSarge). Their website now shows a specific period of two weeks for availability, whereas before it was no estimated date of delivery, rather a note of ‘Late November’.

ipad mini lte

Apple noted at their iPad mini keynote LTE models would be available in late November. Wi-Fi versions shipped on the first of November, with white models delayed two weeks during the pre-order (but ended up shipping a week earlier than expected.

Did you order an LTE iPad mini? 


  • Still showing….

    iPad mini with Wi-Fi + Cellular 16GB – Black & Slate

    Available: Late November

  • ?

    I ordered an iPad with Retina Display (Wi-Fi & Cellular) when it was first released and today my order status page says it is available to ship in 3-5 business days and will deliver between November 29 and December 4.

  • Opus

    Same here. Late November on iPad Mini 16GB Wifi + Cellular White and 32GB White.

  • Ordered one on Oct 28th and another on Nov 13th. Both “Late November” currently.

  • For me, I now have, for my iPad 4th Gen + LTE, black, 32GB :

    Availability : 3 to 5 days
    Delivery date : november 29 to December 4

    I ordered at 3:01am on the Pre-Order date, October 26th.

  • MA

    Was at Future Shop in Niagara falls ont yesterday and they had black 16g minis and lots of different 4’s.

  • Jed

    Late November is 2 weeks away.

  • fredf

    My order, placed 10 days ago through the online Apple store is still saying ‘end of November’.

  • fredf

    If you guys read the article it is referring to the iPadi MINI, not 4th generation iPad.

  • fredf

    Yes the non LTE mini’s are available everywhere and they are in supply. We are discussing the LTE/cellular models here.

  • Ltoynbee

    I Pre-Ordered mine on the 26th of October and it still says Late November… Starting to get REALLY impatient as I received the Smart Cover a couple weeks ago.

  • Sirkingjamz

    I am as well getting nervous in away I don’t if its cuz I engraved my ipad mini or not why it hasn’t bille or shipped yet

  • Sirkingjamz

    Anyone have an updated delivery date yet? I ordered a second one today it said dec 18 delivery I canceled it because I leave for a cruse on the 14… I hate apple sometimes

  • unfrozenjon

    My order still shows as shipping late November BUT I was just charged for my iPad mini with LTE. It shouldn’t be long until it ships now.

  • unfrozenjon

    Preparing for shipment now. Hopefully it ships tomorrow, I can’t see shipping beginning on a Sunday.

  • Do you remember the date you ordered? I ordered Nov 7th, still says “late november”.. Already sold my iPad 2, gettign impatient…

  • UnfrozenJon

    I only ordered on 15 Nov.

  • I am so impatient with the shipping date : late Nov!
    It is Nov 26th now and there is nothing changed on the Apple order web page when I gave the order on Oct 28th!