iPad mini Pre-Orders Start; White Models Ship in 2 Weeks to Canada

Share: is now live and orders are available for the iPad mini and 4th generation iPad. If you want a seamless way to order your iPad mini, use the Apple Store app. It’s just too easy.

However, it looks like white iPad minis will take two weeks to ship to Canada (our order shows a November 21st delivery date) versus black models. Check it out below–here’s black:

…and here are the white models which notes availability in ‘2 weeks’:

The US online store shows one week shipping times for both colours, so let’s hope this changes for Canada. As for the fourth generation iPad, pre-orders are noted to deliver by next week.

What did you order tonight?

Update: The US store now shows 2 weeks shipping for white iPad mini models.


  • kmlmzhr

    The Apple Store app is freakin neat. Took less than 15 secs to place an order

  • Ordered a white 32 GB Wifi +4G

  • 16GB Wifi and green smart

  • Jesse

    2 weeks? Any chance that’ll be shortened?

  • 16 GB black. The Apple website was still ‘down’ when my purchase was completed through the app.

  • kb

    Ordered the 32g black iPad Mini with cellular. Did it via the App Store on my iPhone and was done in less than half a minute (with express checkout). It says “late November”, I guess because the US orders are getting theirs first (the US site says “mid November” for this model).

    Man… I’m happy that I’ve ordered it but it’s a whole month away! Gah.


    16GB White Wifi Mini, 32GB Black Wifi Retina

  • I ordered my black 16GB wifi iPad mini at 3:05 AM EST (as soon as the store came back up) and my order is showing delivery around Nov 21st. WTF?

  • Figured it out, it’s because of the custom engraving. Cancelled that and back to Nov 2.

  • Guest

    Why did canadian get the shaft with the white ipad mini???

  • Mat

    Why did canadians get the shaft in te white iPad mini wait times? I made my order in the firat minute!

  • Same. Disappointing. #firstworldproblems