iPad Mini Sales On Fire, Selling Even Better Than The New Retina iPad


According to DisplaySearch, the iPad Mini is on its way to soon become the iPad standard bearer, selling even better than the new Retina iPad 4 (via CNET). Originally, Apple was expected to sell 6 million iPad Minis before the end of 2012 but now, Apple is demanding display panel makers to “ship more than 12 million” iPad Mini displays in the fourth quarter.

Ipad 4 and ipad mini side by side 640x353

Despite having a relatively low-resolution non-Retina display, iPad Mini’s better sales than the new Retina iPad are most likely because of its size, lighter and slimmer design, things that make it a lot easier to carry. Also, the starting price of $329 for the 16GB Wi-fi model, is apparently driving its huge demand, notes the source. 

“In 2013, it is likely that Apple will adjust its product portfolio to meet the strong demand for the iPad Mini. We believe that Apple is targeting total iPad shipments of 100 million in 2013, half accounted for by the iPad Mini,” Hsieh (from DisplaySearch) wrote.

The iPad Mini’s 7.85-inch display is being made by AUO and LG Display, which have struggled mightily to keep up with demand. If Apple wants to meet demand in 2013 for the Mini things will have to change.

Hsieh predicts that in 2013, the iPad Mini could account for half of all iPad shipments, which should reach 100 million. He added that if the iPad Mini volume is anything near 50 million units, “Apple will need to find other panel suppliers in addition to AUO and LG Display”.


  • Not surprised. I absolutely love mine. I barely touch my iPhone anymore lol, poor thing! The word of mouth going around is very positive and most reviewers agree that it’s really fun to use, despite it’s lack of resolution. Something tells me you’ll see a lot of these on sale used, once a retina version comes out.

  • KJ

    I want a mini as well. Played with them and think there great. Time to upgrade my iPad 2. Just going to wait for Apple next generation mini first. There so sleek and comfortable. Beautiful piece of machinery

  • f1ght3r

    The iPad mini is absolutely gorgeous, a delight to use, perfect size but lacks the retina which unfortunately is a deal breaker for me right now. Why, oh why Apple, did you not include Retina display on this? It seems like you were a little cheap on this on. Now I have to wait until you guys release an iPad mini with Retina because I don’t want to lug around a huge 10″ tablet.

  • Kikoy

    happy with the mni as is. It was wort the wait…never bought the iPad coz of size. Portability is key and Apple hit the bullseye with the mini. Im sure retina will be great but it will come with a premium plus power requirements are increased so battery life will be conpromised. If the next generation mini only has retina display to add on, its not worth it…at least not to me. but if i see a 128GB then thats another story 😉

  • The lighter form factor is pretty awesome.