iPad Pro Smart Keyboard In Stock at Best Buy, But They’ve Jacked the Price


If you’re looking for an iPad Pro Smart Keyboard accessory, right now is shipping them in 4-5 weeks, which means you’ll be waiting quite a while. But if you want one now, has them in stock, but at a $20 premium over Apple’s price, at $249.99.

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As for the Apple Pencil, it’s out of stock online, but it appears Best Buy has also raised the price by $20.99, to $149.99 (Apple sells them for $129, available to ship in 4-5 weeks).

Other authorized resellers, such as, have the Apple Pencil at $129 and Smart Keyboard at $229, the same price as Apple—but both are either ‘coming soon’ or ‘out of stock’.

Has Best Buy increased the price because of iPad Pro accessory shortages? Less than two weeks ago, when the Apple Pencil was in stock, it was priced at $129.99. We’ve reached out to the company for comment and will update this post when we hear back.

Thanks Andrew, MGSayah


  • Adrian

    Would be better to check local Apple stores, I picked one up over the weekend at the store. They seem to be continually getting stock.

  • Bringonthenite

    If you use the Apple Store app it will tell you which Apple Store has the keyboard or pencil in stock. For example, this morning my local store has the keyboard but not the pencil. You can order it for pick up.

  • Bafoon

    I’d like to add that now you can in store reserve and do in store pick up for thepencil and the keyboard. I picked up both of them last night from Yorkdale.

    When I tried to reserve in the evening stock availability was there in both Eaton and Sherway.

  • Ron

    They should actually jack the price of the Pencil to $199 and Keyboard to $299. I love spending tons of money on Apple products!

  • MGSayah

    Hey Gary, BestBuy keeps on playing with the price. Today, they’ve lowered the price back to 129.99$ for the Apple Pencil. I had bought one yesterday for 149.99$, but they’ve since granted me a price match.

  • Very interesting. I emailed their PR contact last night–that may have had something to do it with we hope 🙂

  • MGSayah

    Sweet! Thank You Gary for helping me save 20$ 🙂

  • Zing

    Couldn’t you just price match?