This is JD Power’s Explanation on Why Samsung’s Tablets Beat Apple’s iPads


Matthew Panzarino from TechCrunch gets an explanation from JD Power on how Samsung beat Apple in its latest tablet study, despite visuals and scores which seemingly suggest the opposite:

So I reached out to JD Power and spoke to Kirk Parsons, senior director of telecommunications services. What he told us wasn’t too surprising, but it may help clear up some of the confusion. First off, the “power circle” chart that’s being widely circulated is simply a visual tool, and not representative of the actual scores given to the brands evaluated in its survey.


Parsons confirmed the percentage, but said that the differential between the prices of the iPad and the prices of the Samsung tablets that were included in the survey was large enough to “more than offset” the score in the other four categories. Parsons says that the price category contributed to a full two-point difference between Apple and Samsung.

So when it comes down to performance, ease of use, physical design and features—Apple’s iPad is the winner. But if you’re solely focused on price, Samsung’s tablets are the way to go, and is why JD Power determined them to be “better” than the iPad. Does this also mean a Hyundai Pony is better than a BMW?



  • Erik Kappel

    “Does this also mean a Hyundai Pony is better than a BMW” Excellent point! If the price makes the cheaper tablet better, then should they not simply be seperated by price category? Best Cheap Tablet and Best Premium Tablet? I feel like JD is making a point about the perhaps excessive premium on Apple iDevices, and if so, well lets hope it helps bring prices down a notch.

  • Jake

    Next JD Power headline “The dollar store is now the best place on earth to shop”. Or how about “Mcdonalds has the best food based on ratings”

  • Nick


    “Although Samsung tablets perform worse, have a lower build quality, are more difficult to use, they’re cheaper and therefore all the other stats don’t matter”

    It’s moronic, and it’s completely illogical.

    Jd power has officially proved they’re just as pointless as consumer reports and readers digest.

  • Nick

    Don’t be stupid, they wouldn’t recommend McDonalds.

    Not when you can dumpster dive for scraps, nothing is cheaper than free, and for free it’s clearly better!

    Stupid jd power. Jake, I’d be upset that you share an initial with them.

  • Jake

    I need to change my name 🙁

  • We got nothing but love for ya Jake-dizzle

  • DrJOnes

    This is the most ridiculous chart analysis ever. The iPad rates 5 stars in every category, and they complaint that it’s more expensive than the competitors listed on the chart? Reaaaaaallllllyyyyyy……?

  • Shameer Mulji

    No kidding eh? Now we know where Samsung’s multi-billion dollar marketing budget goes.

  • einsteinbqat

    Loads of rubbish

  • xxxJDxxx

    Maybe I do too :S

  • Aman

    Spec wise samsung devices beat apple all the time so dont call samsung pony and apple Bmw maybe apple should try to make a version of ios that actually works unlike 7 steve jobs is no longer there hence the screwups keep buying inferior products for hundreds more just for the name which to me at least does not have the same perfection since Jobs who believed in perfection.

  • Guest

    Apple fan boys can always be counted on to throw a temper tantrum when someone steps away from the alter of Cupertino. Think of the star chart like iOS: easy to read and understand for children, where the actual report is a little more like android, beyond the effective use of many children, but more in depth and explanatory. Guess which one received focus at iPhoneinCanada …

  • Stride

    This post is even more confusing than the JD Power headlines. Punctuations would help.

  • Butch1112

    Well done

  • Ian Roberts

    What a stupid, blinkered article this is. The JD Power rating of course takes price into account, it’s intended to provide a guide for buyers, most of whom will find this an important factor. Any idiot can make a better product for more money. The best products provide greatest value for money and this product fails when that is taken into account.