LTE iPad mini Pre-Orders Have Finally Shipped in Canada [Update]


iPad mini pre-orders took place on October 26th and a couple days later all pre-orders had sold out. While most iPad mini pre-orders have arrived (including white models), LTE orders were still slated for ‘late November’ as explained by Apple.

This morning, LTE iPad mini pre-orders have finally shipped in Canada, as seen below in the shipment notification email sent in by iPhone in Canada reader, Jon:

ipad mini lte shipping

Looks like Apple has geared up for the holiday period, as yesterday iPhone 5 shipping times dropped to one week. Apple Stores do not have cellular models in stock yet, but they are slated to arrive this week.

Has your LTE iPad mini shipped?

Update: the original in-stock graphic was for the iPad, not iPad mini and the article has been corrected.


  • Myna

    Looks like it has gone from ‘in stock’ to ‘two weeks’ again.

  • marle

    Bummed that my black 16GB ordered on November 11th has not shipped. I would imagine that there are probably fewer orders placed for the 64GB model.

  • Sarge

    This article is incorrect, the iPad 4 is in stock all models, the mini were never in stock. Thus why it shows $499/629

  • 16GB Black LTE
    Ordered on Oct 26 12:04am and no email….
    Chance of receiving this friday…dropped to 50%

  • My 16GB black LTE mini still says “Preparing for shipment”.

  • Rc

    My 64gig black lte mini shipped today. Says delivery is nov 30 for Toronto

  • Yup. My 64GB LTE Mini is one the way, and slated for delivery this Friday!

  • Nightfly

    No luck for my 32g black LTE, still preparing for shipments, late November. Not likely to get it by Friday, maybe they should change the delivery time to early December.

  • bamlou

    pre-ordered my ipad mini lte 16go on october 26 – and is now in transit delivery date december 3 – i’m in quebec – woo hoo 🙂

  • Michel

    My 16 gb LTE black mini shipped yesterday.

  • Ynik

    Preparig for shipment since sunday…:(

  • rc

    Anyone have luck getting a nano sim (Rogers) for their ipad mini LTE? Toronto Eaton Centre Store says they are not out yet and that they are not the same as the iphone 5 nano sim for Rogers. Anyone know if this is true?

  • nightfly

    Finally got a delivery notification with tracking number from Apple. December 5 is the delivery date, not late November as Apple been saying. Oh weIl better late then never.

  • Delivery

    Delivered in Vancouver today!!!!