This New iPad Pro Concept Looks Truly Amazing [PICS]


Last month, it was reported that Apple has shelved its plans for the 12.85” iPad Pro, which was slated to arrive later this year. Today however, a new iPad Pro concept has been published on the web, which imagines the larger sized Apple tablet as an intersection of MacBook Pro and iPad Air (via FSM). 


Designed by Ramotion, this new iPad Pro concept device comes with dual A7 64-bit processors, 3 FaceTime full HD cameras, volumetric (3D) video calls, surround sound and tons of other amazing features. The tablet’s chassis has a special coating that makes it resistant to mechanical damage. Most interesting of all is the fact that its 8 megapixel camera is concealed inside the Apple logo at the rear.



Rumours of the bigger “iPad Pro” started surfacing last year when the Wall Street Journal heard that Apple was developing a 13-inch tablet. Additional reports surfaced claiming that the company had already started testing the 12.9-inch iPad in Foxconn’s labs, while another report said that a local display supplier had started production of the Retina Display of the bigger tablet.

Check out the following images and let us know what you think of this one.






  • WatDah

    Useless and Ridiculous.

  • aaloo

    Honestly, such random gibberish. Unless apple releases the artwork, it is not an ipad concept. Might as well call it HP slate Pro.

  • DW

    I love my iPad but lets be honest, at bare minimum, the multitasking like above would be a GREAT addition.
    The camera hidden in the logo, cleaver.

  • iFone

    This guy needs to take off his space helmet

  • WatDah

    Hidden under the logo will never work for obvious reasons. Think about the internal design, and how hideous it’ll look. It’s a hole on the apple, you think that will ever pass?

  • FragilityG4

    Another terrible concept … Camera in the logo? Cut off app on the dock? (Obviously the idea is a swipeable dock but no thank you)

    All in all … Pretty lame Milhouse.