Apple Launches New 10.5 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro Leather Sleeves, Apple Pencil Cases


On top of announcing a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro yesterday at WWDC, Apple also has unveiled new accessories. Here’s what’s new with prices in Canadian dollars:

  • Smart Keyboard for 10.5-inch iPad Pro – $219
  • Smart Cover for 10.5-inch iPad Pro – $69
  • Leather Smart Cover for 10.5-inch iPad Pro – $99
  • Leather Smart Cover for 12.9-inch iPad Pro – $109
  • Leather Sleeve for 10.5-inch iPad Pro – $179
  • Leather Sleeve for 12.9-inch iPad Pro – $199
  • Apple Pencil Case – $39

Ipad pro accessories

The Smart Cover is available in new colours Mist Blue, Pollen, Flamingo, White, Pink Sand, Midnight Blue and Charcoal Grey.

The leather sleeve and Apple Pencil case are available in new colours Saddle Brown, Taupe, Midnight Blue or Black, with delivery times as of writing set for June 15-19 at the fastest shipping speeds.

What are you going to pick up for your new 10.5-inch iPad Pro?


  • Apple don’t appear to offer a case for the 10.5″ iPad Pro that covers both the back and the front. It looks like I’ll be looking at third party offerings.

  • Anthony Bakerdjian

    I’m surprised how few people are commenting on the fact that Apple is continually raising the prices of their products. When are we as consumers going to say enough is enough?

  • Bill___A

    It is a known fact that they do this. Apple products are not cheap.

  • Anthony Bakerdjian

    The fact that Apple products are not cheap is a given. My contention is that they are becoming unreasonably expensive. And while I know Apple has a history of raising prices, my feeling is that it is getting out of hand. I love Apple products, I’m just getting tired of seeing the cost of macs, iPads, and iPhone continually go up. Could you imagine if en masse we refused to pay these prices?