RBC Promo Returns: Free iPad with Opening of Select Bank Accounts


RBC’s free iPad mini 2 promo is back, and again it resembles the same terms as last year and the year before. All customers need to is sign up for an all-inclusive bank account, such as the following eligible accounts:

  • RBC Signature No Limit Banking; $14.95/month fee
  • RBC VIP Banking; $30/month fee

With the No Limit Banking plan, the iPad mini 2 would work out to $180 after being signed up for 12 months minimum.

Once that’s done, you will be be required to setup one of the following by September 30, 2016:

  • Transfer your automated and recurring payroll direct deposit or monthly recurring pension direct deposit to your new Eligible Personal Banking Account
  • Set up two (2) Pre-Authorized Payments, such as a pre authorized bill payment to a service provider or pre-authorized contribution to your investment account

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RBC says your bank account “must remain open and in good standing”, plus the criteria must remain in effect until September 30, 2017 (or at least 12 months). If at any time you downgrade your account after receiving the iPad mini 2, RBC says they have the right to charge your $329 plus tax for the iPad mini 2 (16GB; Wi-Fi; A1489)

Once criteria is met for the program, iPad mini 2 units will be shipped “at any time up to 10 weeks after” the first payroll deposit or the second pre-authorized payment has been debited from your account.

The promotion starts from today and goes until August 2, 2016. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.


  • mathew

    is this only for new customers?

  • xeronine992

    As per the terms, new customers only.

  • jef-FRY

    If they support Apple Pay before the other banks, looks like I’m going to be getting an iPad mini

  • bionicmonk

    OR you can buy an iPad Mini 2 for 200$ off Kijiji and save yourself a whole lotta aggravation.

  • Stephan

    You’d have to be pretty desperate for an ipad to sign up for this crap. Tangerine FTW

  • Chris Kim

    For such an old iPad, I would definitely only do this if I was already shopping for a new account. The fact that you need to have a direct deposit and bill pays, it only makes sense if you’re looking to move or open your primary chequing account.