Refurbished iPad 4 Wi-Fi Models Hit Apple Canada, Start at $399


In late October stocked iPad 3 units in its online refurbished store and as of this morning, the iPad 4 has made its way into the store as well. Apple ‘eliminated’ the iPad 4 with the debut of the brand new iPad Air.

The US Apple refurb store received iPad 4 units a while back, but now Canada gets to have some fun too. If you have been waiting to get a deal on the iPad 4, this is your chance.

Here are the model configurations available in the refurb store for the iPad 4, which debuted in October 2012:

  • 64GB Black Wi-Fi – $549 ($150 off, 21% off)
  • 64GB White Wi-Fi – $549 ($150 off, 21% off)
  • 32GB White Wi-Fi – $469 ($130 off, 21% off)
  • 32GB Black Wi-Fi – $469 ($130 off, 21% off)
  • 16GB Black Wi-Fi – $399 ($100 off, 20% off)
  • 16GB White Wi-Fi – $399 ($100 off, 20% off)
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Other iPad 3 and iPad 2 models also were replenished today too:
  • iPad 3 – 32GB Black Wi-Fi – $439 ($110 off, 20% off)
  • iPad 3 – 16GB Black Wi-Fi + Cellular – $409 ($170 off, 29% off)
  • iPad 2 – 16GB Black Wi-Fi + Cellular – $349 ($180 off, 34% off)

All refurbished iPads are good as new as they come with a brand new battery, exterior shell and one year warranty (minus the shiny new box).

Let us know if you’re going to jump on any of these—supplies are limited.


  • Allan Descheneau

    I really appreciate your blog and thank you for all your hard work.

    I’m looking to buy our first ipad for the family and would love your opinion. Are these the best deal? (Want 32G, but can live with 16G, and plan to use it with a lot of educational software and surfing.)

  • Thanks Allan!

    $399 for an iPad 4 as a first iPad is a pretty good deal and should be perfect for what you are looking to use it for. 16GB is ‘plenty’ if you are good with management, plus most apps can be redownloaded easily anyways.
    They won’t know how much ‘lighter’ the Air is since they don’t own one 🙂