Retina iPad mini Display Production Reportedly on Par with Original Model?

According to CNET, IHS Suppli has told the publication iPad mini displays for the next generation model, which are expected to be Retina, are at the same production levels of the original model at this moment:

Production of displays for the expected high-resolution version of the iPad Mini is at levels similar to last year’s launch of the first-generation iPad Mini, IHS iSuppli told CNET.

“Based [what] we are seeing in the [production] pipeline…The volumes are similar to the iPad Mini that we saw in Q4 of last year,” said Vinita Jakhanwal, director of mobile & emerging displays at IHS iSuppli, referring to display production.

Jakhanwal goes on to say LG Display will be the primary supplier of displays, with Sharp to help produce panels as well, with possibly production from Samsung as well, as makers attempt to push out product with higher yield rates.

The information shared by IHS iSuppli isn’t new, as previous reports from Apple’s Asian supply chain also cited LG Display as panel suppliers for the iPad mini. Bloomberg reported earlier this week a Retina iPad mini is expected later year (looks like it’ll be October again this year), after Apple’s upcoming iPhone event on September 10.

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  • Chrome262

    wish they moved all production to north america. because we would get cheaper product because of NAFTA

  • FragilityG4

    Until the unions demand higher wages … How do you think the jobs ended up in China?

  • Chrome262

    I know that, but Apple is moved some of its manufacture of Mac’s to NA, so it would be nice if we actually had screen makers there but we don’t, or mexico even. We have a cheap labour force in NA, its just in the middle of a drug war lol and Yes Unions helped move it all to china and India, i agree