Retina iPad mini Gets In-Store Pickup in Canada, But Currently “Unavailable”


Last night Apple quietly launched online sales of the Retina iPad mini and questions remained whether stores would carry them today. Some of you have checked at stores, such as the Eaton Centre location in Toronot but no stock is available; the new iPad mini looks to be online only at this time.

The Richmond Centre Apple Store we called said they “don’t have any information about the iPad mini” and asked us to check back tomorrow afternoon. Apple’s online chat told us some retail stores are “currently out of stock”.

Apple however, has initiated its Reserve and Pick Up option for Canada as well, despite primarily noting the feature for the USA in this morning’s press release:

iPad mini with Retina display is available to order through the Apple Online Store ( to ship or through Personal Pickup at Apple’s retail stores

However, this landing page shows Reserve and Pick Up is setup but currently showing as “Unavailable” (thanks @larrylarry). You can select a retail location but that’s about it:

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Looks like Canada gets some love this time with Reserve and Pick Up for the Retina iPad mini. Online shipping estimates have stayed the same as of last night’s midnight launch, with Wi-Fi models at 1-3 days and cellular versions at 5-10 days.

Let us know if you’ve ordered your Retina iPad mini!


  • Daniel

    I ordered at 32gb space gray. I’ll be returning the iPad air I got as soon as I get a shipping notification. The air is an amazing tablet but the mini just feels so much better in hand especially while typing . And the fact it has more ppi then the air is just icing on the cake .

  • P.

    According to Apple Store rep in Quebec, inventory should be available later today.

  • andrez1

    I called my local Apple store, and they told me they were going to an on-line reservation-only system for in store sales. They also did not know when they would have them in stock.
    I ordered online instead.

  • Poochi

    Agreed… I like the Air, but mini still feels better. I am just worried about the screen size being too small for PDF, that I have to zoom in and out where I wouldn’t have to with the Air.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    heads up gary, page is now live, picking mine up in an hour

  • XY

    Just a quick note. The reservation page now lets you reserve an iPad Mini with retina display. I did so at the Eaton Center in Toronto, and received a ready for pick up email 15 minutes later. When I got to the store, they had no stock available and I was told it was a glitch.

    So do call before you go down if it’s out of the way. You might be disappointed.

  • Thanks, just posted!