Retina iPad Mini Unboxed [Video]



Apple started selling the iPad mini with retina display on its online store November 12th. There was a lot on confusion at first if the Apple retail stores would have them in stock on the 12th as well. It turns out they did, but in limited quantities, and the only way to buy one was to reserve it online and then go pick it up in store.

If you want to buy one, click HERE to see if your store has any in stock and which models. Both stores here in Edmonton only had the 64GB WiFi model in space grey. So I reserved it and picked it up last night. You can also check with other Apple resellers. I know Best Buy and Future Shop have them in stock, and they have other models, but their supply is extremely limited.

But enough about that. Let’s get to the unboxing. My son Devon wanted to help me, so he joined me in this unboxing video. I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you’re picking up a retina iPad mini or if it’s on your Christmas list.


  • Jeeverz

    Did you pick it up at the Southgate or West Ed?

  • xxxJDxxx

    Odd that all you could find was the 64gb version. That was only version of the iPad air that I COULDN’T find.

  • Ynik

    I got mine today at the AppleStore Montreal. I’m upgrading from an iPad 4, and I found the screen really yellow… I found the iPad 4 screen way better and nicer than this one… Anyone had the same situation (yellow screen).

  • Shameer Mulji

    Could be that adhesive / glue hasn’t dried properly yet. Give it about a couple of weeks of solid use to see if you notice any positive changes. If not then take it back and exchange it.

  • Ynik

    Ok I’ll wait a week.

    Thanks for the answers

  • Martin

    Yep. Selling my iPad 3 and getting a 64GB wifi retina iPad mini.

  • We have a future MeadorsMusings Jr. in the making I see!