Unboxing the iPad Pro + Apple Pencil [First Impressions]



So I got the iPad Pro delivered this morning, and boy was I excited to see it. In fact, I was twice as excited for this latest Apple product versus the iPhone 6s or even the Apple Watch I received earlier this year.

I ordered both the 32GB iPad Pro Wi-Fi model in Gold and the Apple Pencil (the day it came in stock online) when it was in-stock at Best Buy. The iPad Pro came in Apple’s traditional brown shipping box while the Apple Pencil was in the store’s own padded envelope packaging. Check out the unboxing pics and my initial impressions right after the jump.

DSC 0009

DSC 0010

DSC 0011

Apple has really slimmed down the iPad Pro’s packaging. Alongside the iPad Pro itself, the box contains the usual Apple AC charger, longer Lightning cable this time around, and usual documentation to get you started right away.

When I took the iPad Pro out the first time, I was like “wow, this is one big iPad”. The screen size is sure to surprise you (in a good way) the very first time you hold it. It is wrapped all around in frosted plastic out of the box, which you need to take off completely when you turn on the display or to use Touch ID for initial setup.

DSC 0013

DSC 0016

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DSC 0026

Coming to the Apple Pencil, it also comes in company’s trademark white box packaging. Unboxing reveals an extra tip for the Pencil as well as a 2-way Lightning connector for charging it using a stand alone Lighting cable, instead of plugging it directly into the iPad Pro’s Lightning connector.

DSC 0027

DSC 0029

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I finally powered on the iPad, rushed through the usual activation setup until I reached the home screen and boom–the massive Retina iPad Pro display in its full glory was in my face. It’s pretty amazing to say the least and they only way you can judge is by actually holding it in your hands and playing around for a few minutes.

Then I plugged the Apple Pencil into the iPad Pro’s Lightning connector and was automatically prompted to pair via Bluetooth. It took a few seconds and then the stylus was ready to use. I went straight to the Notes app to try it out and when I did, I was absolutely stunned with its precision, fluidity and virtually zero lag. I was surprised I could write extremely tiny text, and yet it was so damn accurate and my handwriting was just as it would look on a paper. Absolutely loved it!

So there you go guys. I’ve been playing with my new iPad Pro for the last few hours, and wanted to share my excitement and initial impressions with you. Hope you enjoy the pics and don’t forget to share your iPad Pro experience in the comments below!


  • Bafoon

    congrats – sounds like a giddy school boy on his way to prom knowing he’d be soaking his oats that night in company of a fine young woman!

    which was me, when I got the apple watch earlier this year.

    Couple of questions

    1) can you lay your wrist flat on the pad while using the pencil?
    2) after all the excitement, once everything sunk in – did you feel a pang of discontent because staring back at you was just an iOS?

    3) what do you intend to use this as?

  • 1) Yep, absolutely. Feel free to lay your whole arm over it and the Pencil would work just as fine.
    2) Nope, I sold my iPad Air a few weeks back and been missing it since then. Using this for a few hours, I feel the need to restart my Netflix membership, take notes with my handwriting instead of typing in the Notes app and read GQ magazine on it form now on (and unsubscribe the hard cover).
    3) I use Numbers, MS Office and Dropbox apps on the iPad for work like all the time. With this, I see myself switching between them a lot less, thanks to split screen multitasking. And of course, i’ll be consuming more video content on it than I used to on the iPad Air (preferred MacBook’s 15″ more back then).

  • KIII

    Haven’t owned an iPad before so it did feel small. Looking forward to actually picking up a pencil and putting it through the tests with Astropad. (Ordered on day #1 still waiting)

    It does look to have none of the problems that I came across with the Cintiq 27QHD.

  • mxmgodin

    Out of curiosity, what kind of problem did you run into with the Cintiq?

  • KIII

    Are you considering buying or have you encountered a few yourself?

  • mxmgodin

    Neither. I have an older Wacom tablet (that I don’t use enough to warrant upgrading to a Cintiq), and I’ve always heard good stuff about their products in general. So I was wondering what problems you’ve had with the Cintiq.

  • KIII

    All you have to do is head to the Cintiq forum. There were multiple issues that for whatever reasoning Wacom support stated they could not fix.

    I have always owned a Wacom product for many years but this was an experience that felt very similar to being back in a DLL hell on Windows 1998.

    If anyone here is art department and on the fence between possibly the iPad Pro or a Cintiq do head over to that forum then watch all reviews online for both products.

  • Bafoon

    ah cheers – I really want to buy this beaut – but I had an iPad before and it once the novelty wore off I was always reaching for my macbook for all my tasks.

    Also as a iPhone hugger – I have an iPhone on me all the time – so the mobility aspect doesn’t really stand out either.

    I am trying to justifying waiting still till the Skylake rMBPs are out in spring 2016….what a long and painful wait…

  • mxmgodin

    Same here. I used to use my iPad a looot… until I got my MacBook Air. Now I barely ever use my iPad.

  • MichaelYYZ

    The Pro has the potential of being a superb and versatile product. Too bad the large screen has major brightness uniformity issues. It’s darker along the shorter edges of the screen and especially along the side close to the front-facing camera. Very annoying.

  • Steve

    I find that the pencil is just way too long. I prefer the size of the surface pro pen to be the perfect size. It’s just too bad it’s limited to iOS, and these little ‘trinket’ scribble apps. Full blown apps like Photoshop and Illustrator is where this pencil would really shine.

  • Ronin

    I’d rather watch Netflix on the multiple Samsung 65″ 4K TV’s at work, or my 100+” Home Theater Projector at home, then on a tiny 12″ iPad.

  • Jay

    You do realize you are limited to the crappy iOS apps right? At least on the Cintiq, you can run full blown apps, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

  • KIII

    You didn’t read the Astropad part. Anything for away from the office can easily be carried out on those “crappy iOS apps”.

    As well Wacoms top of the line product should NEVER come with a “our QA team is still investigating but there are still no solutions”.

  • KIII

    Astropad. The iPhone app went free so I had tried it on a iPhone 5s and it worked with no problems at all. No drivers, no additional Android software needing to be removed from my system.

    Up until the iPad pro release I had been using a Cintiq 27QHD touch.

  • KIII

    What did Apple support tell you for a possible cause?

  • KIII

    It definitely feels more of a digital sketchbook with a large amount of extra add ins. How are you finding the pencil and will you be reviewing the smart keyboard?

    Really looking forward to when developers start to push the hardware capabilities.

  • Swan

    How much did the the ipad pro cost exactly ?? Without the pencil or anything