Yes, the iPad mini Has Siri But the iPad 2 Does Not


During the introduction of the iPad mini today, Apple did not have enough time to detail all the features of the smaller iPad, such as the inclusion of the voice assistant, Siri. Some of you asked if Siri was included on the iPad mini and the answer is yet–it’s listed on the ‘Built-in Apps’ section of the website and iPad mini comparison page, but was oddly absent from today’s press release.

Note the ‘blank’ below where the iPad 2 lacks Siri:

This brings Siri to the latest iOS devices: iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th gen), iPad (4th gen) and iPad mini. Siri dictation is available in OS X Mountain Lion, but that’s about it. Unfortunately, the iPad 2 is the odd person here and still does not have Siri even though both devices run the A5 processor:

Is the iPad 2 set to disappear overall from the line up? Or it is still a viable option for those looking for a larger iPad screen but don’t want to splurge on Retina? It’s just another intricate part of the Apple upgrade matrix that keeps us scratching our heads.


  • Weak! Why they gotta leave us iPad 2 owners in the dark? Oh well, I’ve got Siri on my iPhone 5, so maybe one Siri is enough.

  • K3

    Man, iPhone getting bigger.. iPad getting smaller- is this heading towards a single product line? Was also wondering about these data centres; how long will it be that Apple is offering a service to compete head to head with cell companies?

    Just have a feeling that something is being put together as the next big thing in terms of communication over all these devices…..

  • And where is iPad 3th gen in that lineup?! I thought iPad 2 is going out.

  • iPad 3 is dead, like John Connor’s foster parents in T2 Judgment Day.

  • Nick

    As Gary said, they’re REPLACING the 3 with the 4th generation. The 2 is sticking around as the non-retina budget solution. It’s odd, I know.

  • Nick

    They have to keep Siri as a crutch to draw people away from old tech. I hate it, would be nice to have Siri, or dictation, on the iPad 2, but it’s very likely there could be tweaks, actually I am pretty sure there are to the mic in the current iPad (3/4) that would make Siri even LESS responsive on the other devices.

    Can you imagine having a less responsive Siri??

  • ThatGuy

    I agree, an apple carrier was talked about for a while. I think if apple does go that route they will ruin the business of the existing carriers.

  • Eric Lewis

    What if they bought AT&T for example. They have tons of CASH.

  • It is stupid. I expected for iPad 3 to get cheaper so I can by it. 😀