A New Way to Slide to Unlock, with “Move Lockscreen to Unlock”


In this article, we’re taking a look at a new tweak that was recently released in Cydia. This tweak, called “Move Lockscreen to Unlock”, does just what it says. Rather than just moving your slider to unlock the device, you can move the entire lockscreen. You can still have the unlock slider active, or you can hide it all together.

Here’s the details:

This tweak will let you unlock your iDevice by simply moving the lockscreen out of the way. You can use the Move LockScreen on Unlock settings to hide the iOS unlock slider. This is not activated by default. I advise you to test the tweak for a couple of days before hiding the slider using the corresponding setting in the settings app. There you can also turn off Move LockScreen to Unlock completely.

Tested on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS running iOS 4. Let me know if experience any problems on iPod touches and iPads.

Not compatible with the iOS passcode lock (e.g. needed to connect to some Exchange servers). Use ‘Exchange Unlock’ or similar to disable the passcode lock.

Move Lockscreen to unlock is available in Cydia now, for $0.99.

It is compatible with LockInfo, (this is what I’m using in the screenshot above), but not sure about other lock screen widgets, like SmartScreen or Cydgets. if you have tried it out and had success or issues, let us know!


  • Lol thats the way my new Android Galaxy S unlocks right out of the box 😛 cool, but when I started using it, I missed the iPhones unlock slider.

    options are always welcomed of course ^_~

  • Anonymous

    I still like my tap to unlock.

  • Megavidiot

    I don’t understand the purpose of this, am I missing something? Newish iPhone user, so please don’t make fun, but this seems totally redundant as the slider is a safer alternative to not have the phone unock by accident.