Bell Selling ‘Refreshed’ iPhone 3G With Free Apple Dock


This week, Bell Mobility is attempting the almost impossible.

The Canadian wireless company has a new offer for a “refreshed” 8GB iPhone that is $9.95 and that comes with a free Apple Dock ($35 value) on a 3-year voice and data agreement.

The iPhone in question is the iPhone 3G.

This is obviously an attempt to get rid of almost obsolete inventory, but for those who just want a great communication tool, the iPhone 3G is pretty solid.

However, before jumping into this, keep in mind some of the terms.

The definition of “refreshed” as per Bell:

Get a gently used iPhone 3G at a great price. These unused or slightly used phones were returned to Bell within 30 days of the original purchase date and have passed rigorous quality assurance testing. The phones have been updated to current software and have been verified to operate in accordance with their specifications.

Also note that the refreshed iPhone 3G has the following warranty terms:

Each phone carries a 90-day warranty from your date of purchase. Actual warranty end date can be found at If you are not satisfied with the phone, you can return it within 30 days of your purchase.

As mentioned previously, the offer includes a free Apple iPhone 3G/3GS dock, which is valued at $35. However, the Bell activation fee is also $35. 🙂

So is a free dock and $9.95 ‘refreshed’ iPhone 3G tempting enough?



  • Matt

    Don’t worry, Bell. You will be respected again….


  • bR

    Not 3GS, but 3G and 8GB model refurbished ones ? And still have to pay $9.99 and lock into a 3 yr jail term ? What is Bell thinking ? You can pull off plans like that in countries where they have no access to 3GS and iPhone4. And to pay $50/mo data plan on such a outdated model is dumb.

  • Anonymous

    You gotta be smoking crack to take this offer a refurb iPhone 3G on a 3 year. You can pick up good condition iPhone 3G for 200 bucks so why would u be on a contract! By the time your elgible for an upgrade with bell is 30 months so by then you already got a five year old phone

  • Anonymous

    Well you know the sales people might push it too… “can’t afford $159 or $99? We have one for $10!!”

    But really…. If you are paying $50/mo you should be able to afford $159….

  • Eason_1108

    don’t even mention how slow is the 3G running the latest iOS

  • Abdul

    you know what…i may be able to take advantage of this!

    I have a little brother who lovess playing with iphones/ipods. I may take this deal and get him and iphone as a toy…and give the sim to my Mom for an unlocked bb she has but doesn’t use.

    hahaha…but im probably the only person who can use this deal

  • ward09

    The 3G is still an excellent phone, with impressive technology, that runs 99.9% of apps perfectly. It would be an upgrade for most people. The only crappy part of this deal is the term. If it was a 12 month, or even 18 month, contract I think it would be a decent deal.

  • 3Gs should be $9.99 the old 3G shouldn’t even be sold anymore.
    Apple has pretty much dumped it, and moved on to the higher models.

  • I couldn’t imagine locking myself for 3 years on a 2008 iPhone 3G. That’s just nuts…and a smooth rip-off from Bell to get rid of obsolete phones. Bad.

  • Anonymous

    It never ceases to amaze me the gall these companies have! I used to be with Bell but it’s stunts like this that made me tell them to F*** Off.

  • and do what with the 3 year 50$+ per month phone and data plan you signed up for to get it? lol

  • Fryreyesonly

    Just wondering ….hmmmm do they have any left yet …..I would love to know : )