Canadian Apple iPhone 4S Orders ‘Preparing for Shipment’


Update 1: Find your UPS tracking number here. Orders have now shipped from Apple.

If you ordered a factory unlocked iPhone 4S from, your order status has most likely moved from ‘Processing Items’ to ‘Preparing for Shipment’. During this stage, you will no longer be able to modify your order details:

Preparing for Shipment:
We are preparing your item(s) to ship. While your order is being prepared, we are unable to modify your order details. Once your item ships, we will email you a Shipment Notification with complete order details.

Orders are noted to ‘ship by October 14th’, so that means Canadians won’t see them by this Friday, but most likely either Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Are there any orders out there have gone beyond this stage and onto ‘Shipped’?



  • Hyperextension

    Same status as yours.  I tried doing the UPS tracking thing, but nothing.  Will try FedEx.

  • Daviddesjardins

    mine still Processing Items and I did order on the 7th ,,,

  • Patrick

    Same status as you guys – Processing Items – and I ordered on the 7th as well.

  • Jerry

    “Preparing for Shipment” here.  Ordered a White 16GB as soon as Apple Store is back online…

  • Anonymous

    Mine still has ‘Processing Items.’ Ordered at 4am Mountain Time on the 7th.

  • I ordered mine through Bell and I’ve called twice to try and get a tracking number, so I can track it once it ships, but all they have is an “internal” tracking number. It’s supposed to ship by Friday, via Canada Post, so I’m hoping I can call back then and get a Canada Post tracking number.

  • Hyperextension

    I am still holding out for Friday delivery.  Other items I have ordered from Apple, including my iPhone4, was dispatched from a local warehouse.  In Ontario it is in Concord.  If it ships tomorrow from there, I will have it on Friday for sure.

  • Imadude

    Preparing for shipment too.  Anyone have any idea where they are shipping from? (direct from China or from US)?  I wonder if we will get them on Friday, or next week like Gary predicts.

  • Hyperextension

    I have ordered a couple iPhones from Apple online.  One in Edmonton and one in Milton, Ontario.  The one in Ontario shipped out of a warehouse in Concord, Ontario and Edmonton was shipped from Calgary I believe.  I think they are housed semi-locally right now, so we may see them Friday.

  • Ray

    I am wondering what is going on with pre-orders from Bell/Rogers etc…my status has not changed and if it is not shipped tomorrow I will probably not get it by friday in which case I’ll just go to the store and pick one up……

  • blurobot

    Still processing item. Ordered as soon as the store came back online at 4 am est. this is getting frustrating to know i would have it before if i just showed up at 8 am at an apple store. 🙁

  • Cyril

    Probably won’t see any action on it until tomorrow. I think they ship them all overnight drop-ships, or same days, to the local stores.

  • Patrick

    I should add that I ordered mine at 11:30am (EST), and status currently shows “Delivers 24 Oct – 31 Oct via Standard Shipping”.

    What does yours say?

  • Nick

    So much easier though. Last year I waited 7 hours in line for the iPhone 4. Never again…

  • stingko

    I’m also still at processing items. Ordered at 6 am on October 7th. 64GB black. Still hoping for a Friday delivery. Who knows. Perhaps they got a big shipment of unlocked phones somewhere on this side of the Pacific and that’s where they’ll ship from.

  • Imadude

    I waited in line for 12 and a half hours last year.  Dunno about you, but I’m getting too old for that %$#@. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    You never know. If they ship it from Canada tomorrow, we may get it on Friday. Perhaps…

  • Sumo

    Ordered one 32GB Black showing “preparing for shipment”.  One 32GB White showing “Processing items” still.  Both ordered on 7th early in the morning when the site came back up.

  • Cake

    My 32g says processing. I think we’ll see them on friday as well.Why ship to apple stores and all those carriers , and then stiff the loyal customers who stayed up all night to pre-order? I’m looking forward to Friday.

  • Anonymous

    Last year they shipped directly from China.

  • Nrcontest

    I ordered mine (32GB black from apple unlocked) about a minute after the store came online at about 12:40am PST and mine is “preparing for shipment” (my email from apple says 12:47AM on the receipt)

    Also my friend works at a Telus store and they received there bulk shipment of iPhones today.

    I’d guess they will be shipped from warehouses in Canada not china.

  • Nicholasjamessewell

    I woke up at 5am EST to take a leak, remembered the launch and ordered.  Mine says Preparing To Ship.  

    I have faith that Apple will get them out for Friday delivery.  They take launches seriously and missing the delivery for Pre-Orders would essentially be a broken promise to Apple’s customers. Not something I could see Tim Cook deeming to be acceptable.

  • Morgan

    I don’t believe we will have them by Friday… All the Canada Apple site ever said was Ships by October 14th. It never said anywhere on the Canadian Apple site that they would be delivered by October 14th…

  • Anonymous

    Hey everyone! My iPhone 4S (ordered on 07/10/2011 @ 03:45 EST) showed up on UPS tracking. It’ll be shipping from Shenzhen, China, soon enough.

  • ??

    I don’t trust Canadian DHL or UPS or whatever this kind

  • IT

    you are right…. In this age …if we decide to stand on long line just to buy a phone …. We would have to cover up our faces 😉

  • Muffybearpg

    Just tried it and it works, mines coming from China as well…

  • Chris K

    Found mine using my home phone #.  It’s coming from China as well.  I’m in Calgary

  • Anonymous

    For my wife’s order, it was not under mobile number since she used home number. Searched home number and I see it left China moments ago.

    My order, which was placed maybe 5 minutes later, still shows processing on apple and has no results on ups.

  • Muffybearpg

    Woohoo! 4s is in transit now, leaving china and hopefully doesn’t go all over the place like my other orders in the past…

  • Eric

    Scheduled Delivery:Friday, 10/14/2011, by 10:30Last Location:Arrived – Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong, Thursday, 10/13/2011Special Instructions:Signature RequiredAdditional InformationProduct:WORLD EASEShipped/Billed On:10/13/2011Type:PackageWeight:0.40 kgShipment Progress
    What’s this?LocationDateLocal TimeActivityChek Lap Kok, Hong Kong10/13/201115:55Arrival ScanShenzhen, China10/13/201113:00Departure Scan10/13/201111:24Origin ScanChina10/13/20110:07Order Processed: Ready for UPS

  • I ordered a black 32gb at 8:00AM EST on the 7th. My order info says 

    “Processing Items
    Available:  1 – 2 Weeks Delivers  21 Oct – 28 Oct via Expedited Shipping”

    And the ups trick is not working for me.

  • Skywise

    My wife’s and my iPhone 4s have moved to Shipped status, in Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong at the moment.
    Scheduled delivery of Monday by noon.

  • Yet

    🙁 Apple email just came saying I’m receiving it on the 19!!!!! I ordered in the first minutes. This sucks. It says it’s currently departing Honk Kong. I live on the east coast

  • Martin

    I’m living in US but I like to order a iPhone 4s from Canada. Which web site (seller) I can make the order?

  • Cake

    Just wait. USA will get an unlocked version next month

  • Morgan

    If your availability is 1-2 weeks, you missed the first wave of iPhones.

  • Nicholasjamessewell

    For anyone who doesn’t think they’re going to get it tomorrow — phone up Apple and bitch. 

    Last spring I preordered the first iPad for launch day delivery.  Day of I got a message from Fedex saying it wasn’t going to be there until the Monday. I phoned Apple, raised a stink about it and got not only a free case but the camera connection kit too.  And then the iPad arrived by end of day after all.

    Moral of the story — complain.  Phone them and tell them about how you stayed up all night and you’re deeply disappointed.  They’ll most certainly throw free shit at you.

  • Erdi

    My is the same, white 64gb:
    iPhone 4S 64GB WhiteShips:  1 – 2 Weeks Delivers  24 Oct – 31 Oct via Standard Shipping