iPhone 4S Coming to Canada on October 14th


Update 1: lists the iPhone 4S for $649 for pre-orders on October 7th, I am assuming this is a 16GB unlocked version. There’s no reason it wouldn’t be unlocked from Also, the iPhone 3GS has dropped to $375 unlocked, and the iPhone to $549 unlocked. Both are 8GB models.

Apple has announced during its ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ media event that Canada will be receiving the iPhone 4S on October 14th. Earlier, we mentioned a Rogers memo that revealed they would be carrying the next iPhone.



  • Nick

    Will it also be available for pre-order online in Canada?

  • Seeks

    Ye ha pre order here I come

  • I want one, but not on Rogers this time. Do you know if any carriers will offer two year plans?

  • I would think so, they never said no 🙂

  • Zilly

    in a way im glad its not iPhone 5, now i dont have to pay for an early upgrade. edge to edge screen is what would have sold me. now i can wait 🙂

  • Rbartnik66

    What’s going to happen to all the iPhone 5 cases? Lol

  • Helvetica

    It has a link to pre-order on Apple’s Canadian site.  Not live yet.  Says pre-order this friday.

  • Ggsjh2

    no two year plans will give you an iphone

  • Joshtate04

    I’m pretty sure telus will let you pay a higher price for a 1- or 2- year contract, but I’m not sure if this applies to the iPhone or not

  • That’s what I plan on finding out, with Bell though.

  • Pre-orders confirmed for Canada –

  • Anonymous

    Finally some Canada love from Apple!

  • wuju

    Any idea what the factory unlock price for the 64G model?

  • Ryan

    So anyone have any word on when Fido/Rogers/Telus/Bell stores will be accepting names for reservation lists? I haven’t tried calling Fido yet as I thought I’d check this blog first.

  • Red Star

    I’ll pass on the 4s the same way I passed on the 3Gs! Thanks Apple, I’ll wait for the legendary iPhone 5!!

  • Troy

    I spoke to Fido (Call Centre) about a hour and half ago, and they told me that pre-order is scheduled for  October 14th, but that it should be available in the Phone Reservation System, then the CSR put me on hold to see why it wasn’t there, and said to try back in a week, so my thoughts are we can pre-order come the 7th.

  • Bareeves

    what heck happened to $99? and $199?
    for $649 i should be getting a Laptop…

  • Wilbur Force

    A laptop does not fit in front pocket.