iPhone 4S Launches on SaskTel and MTS Today, 64GB Models Coming Soon


As we reported two weeks ago, SaskTel and MTS confirmed they would offer the iPhone 4S on October 28th, two weeks after the official launch.

SaskTel’s website shows the 16GB and 32GB models are available at the regular carrier subsidized prices of $159.99 and $269.99. The 64GB model currently is not available and is listed as ‘coming soon’.

The MTS website is similar to SaskTel, as it lists both 16GB and 32GB models, but the 64GB offering is absent. Prices are the same as above. If you’re going to consider outright prices–don’t. You’re far better off with a factory unlocked iPhone 4S from Apple for the same price.

Regardless, this is great news for residents of Saskatchewan and Manitoba that want to buy the iPhone 4S. It’s available today. Who’s getting one?


  • Guest

    I tried to get a Black 64gb today and nowhere in my city has any. All they have are 16s and a white 32. Isn’t there supposed to be tons of them? Fucking Sasktel I waited 14 days rather than switching carries and now I still have to wait. Seriously pissed.

  • Drizzx

    Uhh, fuck SaskTel? This was an Apple restriction in regional carriers not a SaskTel or MTS issue.

    Get your facts straight

  • Guest

    Yeah I may have spoken to soon, I was just mad. But sasktel could have informed me that it wouldn’t be getting it when I reserved it.

  • Suds

    Can you explain why they have only shipped white 32gb models and not black?  I’m with guest, I don’t know why we’re being screwed around but I’ve really had all I can take!