iPhone 4S Online Pre-Orders Kick Off at 12:01 AM PDT on October 7th


Apple announced the iPhone 4S would be available in stores starting October 14th at 8AM, with pre-orders to take place on October 7th.

What time will iPhone 4S pre-orders start online though? MacRumors reports Apple support representatives are telling customers pre-orders will begin at 12:01AM PDT this Friday. So if you’re looking to order online to avoid the line ups, you’re going to have to stay up late Thursday night.

Apple’s website lists the iPhone 4S for $649, most likely a 16GB unlocked version. We noted earlier today 8GB unlocked versions of the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are now selling at a reduced price of $375, and $549, respectively.

This year, Canada joins the initial iPhone 4S launch alongside the U.S., the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan.

Are you going to pre-order online, or wait in line on launch day?


  • Anish

    what about reserving and iPhone 4s from Rogers? when can we do that?

  • Milanfan009

    not announced yet gosh

  • iPhoneLuvr4Lyfe

    So 12:01pdt is 1:01cst.. correct?

    SOOO happy that us Canadians don’t have to wait this time! 64gb you will be mine<3

  • Junior Cortorreal

    Why is ios 5 GM not available over the air?

  • The release notes mention a full restore is required to install it.

  • Anonymous

    Who here is actually upgrading from the iPhone4, I know I’m not cus it’s not worth it.

  • I can’t decide move to Virgin/Fido/Rogers which ever is cheaper or stay with Telus.

    I would assume all of them will get iPhone 4S, question is when…

  • Gman

    I currently have a locked Fido iPhone 4 with two years remaining, if I sell the iPhone4 and buy a new iPhone4S outright from Apple, will I need to upgrade my plan in order to have all the new features ie Siri

  • Sean

    Any ideas as to what the 32gb and 64gb models will cost unlocked from apple?

  • Asff

    No. It’s the operating system.

  • neko+

     Can we pre-order in-store on the 7th as well?

  • Charn

    No Siri has nothing to do with your plan

  • Junior Cortorreal

    so i just need to restore it and it will appear over the air?

  • Anonymous

    I heard from a Rogers rep that with a $40 deposit, you can pre-order. Not sure if this is through a wireless store or if it is by calling Rogers.

  • Sam

    No, it is 2:01 CST

  • 32GB $749
    64GB $849

  • anonymous

    Apple isn’t selling the 4S unlocked….totally not worth the high cost

  • Caryn

     Ordering online tomorrow night. My 3G is getting elderly, especially compared to my iPad2.

  • Easterner

    Rogers’ coverage is very spotty in many areas of the country. Make sure there is service in your area.

  • Virginia_D

    Yo, who says Apple isn’t selling the 4S unlocked?

    My iPhone 4 is getting pretty long in the tooth now. I need the extra speed, can’t stand it when my phone can’t keep up to the iPad 2! Yeah, you know what I mean. These people complaining about the spec bump should have their heads examined! I mean, duh…

    So, if I preorder on the 7th online for in-store pickup, will I still need to wait in line all day? How many days off work should I get? Advice please!!

  • Rab

    Will pre-orders be *shipped* out on October 14th or *arrive* on October 14th?

  • Ndulaimy

    What about Mintreal what time is gonna be at 12 ?? Or at 3 am ?!

  • Wizzy

    Is that 12:01 EST or PST?

  • Lisa

    3 am 🙁

  • Bob

    I talked to a Apple Rep, they said arrive on October 14th

  • Rab

    Awesome, thanks.