[Update] iPhone 4S Unboxing Picture Gallery


iPhone 4S unboxing. This had to be done–for all the gadget porn lovers out there. Click a thumbnail to enlarge.







Miscellaneous notes/observations:

  • the antenna band locations have changed on the iPhone 4S
  • the Ring/Silent switch has moved down a few millimetres (like the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4) so your first gen iPhone 4 bumper won’t allow proper access to the switch (the Bumper covers part of the switch). However, the SECOND GEN Bumper (CDMA) will fit.
  • the Home button feels a bit firmer (maybe because it’s new?)
  • the vibration motor is more subtle than the iPhone 4
  • speakerphone is much, much louder than before
  • Pentalobe screws on the bottom
  • Siri keeps getting smarter and smarter.

What are some other changes you’ve observed?


  • Abdulla Alshurafa

    I love the new vibrator 😉

  • Insert preferred tasteless joke here: ________

  • Setak

    I never noticed on the iPhone 4, but iPhone 3G and 3GS had their speaker on the bottom left. Now my iPhone 4S it is on the bottom right. Was it on the bottom right on the iPhone 4 too??

  • Doobi42