Reminder: Apple iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Start Tonight at 12:01AM PDT


Just a reminder that iPhone 4S pre-orders start tonight from at 12:01AM PDT (3AM EDT), one minute into the early morning of Friday, October 7th.

Prices for the iPhone 4S start at $649 on, presumably for the 16GB unlocked unit ( doesn’t advertise that price as unlocked, but we expect it to be). Expect further pricing to be revealed as the clock strikes midnight.

I would suggest you login to your Apple ID in advance to prepare yourself for the onslaught. The iPhone 4S makes its debut in stores on October 14th, and orders should ship by then.

iPhone 4S pre-order times have also been released by Telus (starts at 12AM PDT/3AM EDT), Rogers, and Fido (both at 3AM PDT/6AM EDT).

Who’s pre-ordering an unlocked iPhone 4S from


  • Wasabi2go

    Just spent a day at the mall shopping for new contracts. My 3GS and the mrs 3G is booth up for contract renewel from Rogers and have been paying over $100 each. Both our phones are in rough shape, cracked screen etc, and thus holding out for the Latest iPhone. 4s will do, don’t think we can wait till next summer for the 5.

    City fido and bell business plans both seem way better than what we currently have, I’ll call Rogers retentions see if they can match, otherwise it’s onto bell or fido. New phones new contracts!!

    Recommendations between fido and bell? The data on bell is 6gb, and city fido “should have a 6gb plan” again in the next week or so.

  • Fido have non-advertised plans (as all of them do), speak to sales rep., you might get one.

  • Explode

    Thanks for being completely useless Bell!

  • Nrcontest

    if I order first thing…like in an hour do you think i’ll receive it on the 14th? Some people in the US were getting them the day before with the iphone 4 launch but i’m not sure if it will be the same up here. ??

  • Cross your fingers and hope for the best. Hey, you got to order at home in your underwear versus waiting in line. Time is money I guess!

  • Sha9gy

    I think most of the people who  are going to be waiting in-line on the 14th would be buying the phone on a contract. Just like when the iPhone 4 was first released last year. Non-contract phones did not need a line up. I am hoping it is going to be the same case this time too.

  • Sha9gy

    I know of someone who got a killer plan from Rogers by simply talking to the Cancelation (aka LNR-Loyalty & Retention) Department. They almost matched a Koodo offer (key word – almost) for only $70/month, down from $95/month.

    Koodo has an all unlimited plan, with free roaming (Canada) and 2GB data for $75-$80/month. With Koodo you get TELUS/Bell full HSPA+ Network Coverage. It won’t hurt to check them out.

  • Nrcontest

    I guess all I care about is getting it first:-)

  • Rehman Abdulla

    fuck i can’t preorder. website is down?

  • Vincent

    still down…

  • Apple store is down!! does anyone get chance to purchase iPhone 4S

  • Auto Strada

    is sit me or is the apple store site still down? been refreshing my browser since 11:30 🙁

  • same for me… I’m getting the famous we’ll be back sign… and I need to sleep… so I hope it will be back soon… 

  • Derrick Rockwell

    Same here. 

  • I think you are not the only one who had a problem.

  • Auto Strada

    go to sleep 😛

  • shannon

    yep still down for me as well 

  • Derrick Rockwell

    I’m soon just going to try and phone in my order!

    Atleast the refreshes are getting quicker and no errors popping up. 

  • Anonymous

    Actually it’s 12:20 and the store is still down. I thought is was because I am trying to go through to get airmiles on my purchase but even going to fails.

  • Nrcontest


  • Florence

    Still “we’ll be back soon” for me too! It’s almost 12:30!

  • Auto Strada

    phone orders dont start till 130, though.

  • Cody

    Just checked, Bell works for me, but Y U NO WORK APPLE.COM?

  • B Ata

    I ordered one white 64 estimated delivery 17th

  • Go

    nothign worse then clicking pre-order now and then getting the store will be back soon

  • Auto Strada

    they forgot to tell Siri to remind them to. LOL

  • Nrcontest

    from apple? or a carrier?

  • Where did you ordered it? Apple?

  • Anonymous

    no dice so far… also.. phone lines are dead “due to the extremely high call volume, we are unable to answer your call”.  boo.  i’m exhausted…

  • B Ata


  • Go

    us store still shows how to buy instead of pre-order. 

  • Auto Strada

    sigh…guess im camping out at richmond centre 🙁

  • now the iPhone description page on says pre-order now… but clicking gets you to we’ll be back soon

  • iphone 4s


  • Auto Strada

    i finally got through to them…

    …and theyre still closed 🙁

  • Nrcontest

    who apple?

  • Nrcontest

    who apple?

  • Auto Strada

    yes, by phone. the automated guy who can understand complex sentences talked to me…

    theyre still closed 🙁

  • Nrcontest

    got one!

  • Go

    just got one from apple

  • Nrcontest

    says it will ship on the 14th!

  • Steve 64 White ;)

    Pre-Ordered!! It’s open now!!!

  • Nrcontest

    and the us site say delivers by the 14th=booooo!

  • Hyperextension

    Just preordered mine!!!!!

  • Yeah!! Got a black 64G for 849$!

  • Steve 64 White ;)

    The cool stuff: the price includes shipping and tax… 849$ not as bad as 1000$ (I thought 869 + tax)

  • Derrick Rockwell

    They are up!

  • Price does not include taxes… they will be added when you order is processed…

  • Trisignal

    Theres tax, you’ll see when u get the email bill 🙁

  • Choomag


  • What usually happens is that the tax is added when they send you the confirmation email in a few hours.

  • Yup… just received my bill by email… and I can assure you they are there… 118$ for some beautiful taxes…

  • Derrick Rockwell

    Well, good news and bad news. 

    Good news is, I have two iPhone 4s coming my way. Problem, one of the ones I ordered is the wrong size!

  • Auto Strada

    YAY! ordered my 32gb black one!

    …and yep, TAXES! lol

    night everyone.

  • Zaidc

    118$ WTF glad I live in AB

  • Cake

    You can edit your order.

  • Cake

    This is Canada dude. You gotto pay tax before you can wipe you ass

  • Anonymous

    You didn’t read the fine print:

    “Please note that your cart total does not include applicable sales tax, environmental fees or rebates. Sales tax, if applicable, will be added when your order is processed.”

    That will amount to a little over $100 in BC for HST but there is no EHF on Cell Phones.

  • Derrick Rockwell

    Haven’t gotten any email yet, but they are ordered! ETA October 14th. 

  • Rab

    Just ordered both a white and black 32GB unlocked… shipping date is Oct 24+ 🙁

  • Wuju

    Order mine this morning at 6am EST and shipping date is Oct. 14. Two hours later and order another with a friend and the delivery is 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Butlerchick

    I pre-ordered one thru apple and just got my confirmation e-mail (with order number and taxes LOL) and it states “to be shipped October 24-31)…. Also preordered one thru my carrier (Rogers) and I’m number 501 whatever that means… It did say “will ship by the 14th) on that site.  I’ll keep whichever one arrives first… 🙂

  • Got 2 confirmed for Oct 14 delivery. Already shipped this morning with tracking numbers.

  • you already got the tracking number from Apple?

    I got my order acknowledgment around 3:50am (EDT) this morning a few minutes after I placed my order… but I did not get anything else yet.

  • AbsolutReh

    Apple has not sent any notifications. But you can cheat the system by going to macrumors and following the steps