Samsung Galaxy S3 Surpasses iPhone 4S in Q3 sales


For the first time since its launch, Samsung Galaxy S3 became the best selling handset by surpassing the iPhone 4S, Strategy Analytics reports.

iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3 sales

During the third quarter of 2012, Apple sold 16.2 million iPhone 4S units, while Samsung sold 18 million units of its latest high-end smartphone, the research company noted in a press release.

The 16.2 million units sold is well below the Q2 19.4 million iPhone 4S devices sold, but this can likely be attributed to the launch of the iPhone 5. Buyers probably held off purchasing the previous generation iPhone and favored instead waiting for the iPhone 5, which finally came out close to the end of Q3 2012.

While Samsung can enjoy its best selling smartphone position, Apple’s iPhone 5 is about to reclaim it, as it is off to a good start. According to Strategy Analytics, Apple sold 6 million units between Sept. 21-30. The sales of the iPhone 5 were heavily influenced by supply shortages due to Foxconn’s failure to meet the high consumer demand, as the Hon Hai chairman recently admitted.

What do you think: will the Samsung Galaxy S3 maintain its position during the holiday quarter?


  • bradg17

    I was a little worried when I started reading, then I remembered this was a year old phone and right before the launch of the iPhone 5. I’m actually amazed that they sold 16.2 million 4S’ right before the iPhone 5 came out.

  • Apple_Sauce

    The Galaxy S3 is an awesome phone. With Apple getting rid of Google Maps, I would expect more people jumping ship from Apple and moving to an Android Platform. It will be interesting to see the numbers over the next year.