[Update] Unlocked iPhone 4S Prices in Canada Revealed at $649, $749, $849


Update 1: Looks like shipping has been changed to 1-2 weeks, whereas last night it showed ‘ships by October 14th’:


After some restless waiting, Apple pre-orders for the iPhone 4S have gone live in Canada (and around the world), and the much anticipated unlocked prices have been revealed.

Check them out below:

16GB – $649
32GB – $749
64GB – $849

Models are available in black or white, and the item description reads “Ships by October 14th”. As always, a limit of two orders per customer.

Typically, Apple under promises on these dates, but given the demand the iPhone 4S will have, don’t be surprised if there is a slight delay. I placed my order for a 32GB iPhone 4S in black, from the convenience of my home (yes, with pants on). Taxes will be added to your order once you receive your confirmation receipt.

Our U.S. neighbours will have unlocked iPhone 4S models available in November. A slight victory for Canada, if that stuff matters to you (hey, we wait way too often for things to arrive here).

Unlocked iPhone 4S prices are actually cheaper than last year’s unlocked iPhone 4, which were set at $659/$779 for 16GB/32GB models.

Apple also has unlocked 8GB iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 models for sale on, priced at $375 and $549 respectively. That unlocked iPhone 3GS is probably the best deal I’ve ever seen for an unlocked smartphone.

What did you order tonight? I’m going to bed now. Zzz….


  • I ordered the iPhone 4S 64GB in Black. So glad I have 64GB now. Finally I can have ALL my music on my device.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered the 64 for myself. My wife will inherit my 4/32 as she’s been saying she wants an iPhone.

  • Auto Strada

    i was hoping to get mine before the 14th so I could line up ON the 14th, bring out my new phone and ask Siri if I’ll need an umbrella today :/

  • Zaidc

    So when do we get it?
    Anyone receive their email reciepts yet?

  • It’s about time we got 64GB capacity!

  • Alexcooper

    Gray and others who have ordered unlocked iPhone, I was wondering if you can share the time which your ordered were officially placed. In previous years I ordered from Apple USA and the closer the order was placed to the time of release the better change you had of receiving the iPhone on the day of lunch. So, I’m just curious because of all the delays when most people started getting their orders confirmed. 

  • Alexcooper

    Sorry I forgot to share my time. After lots of delay my order was confirmed at 12:49 am pst

  • You mean ‘Gary’ right? 😉

    Order placed at 12:55AM. Confirmation email received 5 minutes later.

  • Auto Strada

    i got mine about 2 mins after. when did u order yours? havent received your email?

  • Anonymous

    Does Apple charge the card immediately when you get that confirmation order? Or put a hold on those funds?

  • ABC

    Still not got my email confirmation

    and I completed my order within 5-7 minutes of the site going live

  • Auto Strada

    gave the wrong email maybe? 🙁

    it’ll come soon, don’t worry. prolly the bulk of orders are coming now.

  • C R Erskine

    WHITE 64GB 
    NOW TO PUT MY iP4 32gig F-Unlocked on eBay~~~!

  • Vizo

    Black 16GB,

    2 mins after it went live i completed it,… 
    And just now… (2 and a half hours later) i got the confirmation email, thank god! aha

  • Poochi

    Very nice that apple is doing this. This should reduce scalping but a ton and lighten the line up on launch day.

    Ordered mine and got my confirmation e-mails already.

    Usually apple charges the credit card when they ship out the product.

    By the way, anyone getting early adopter’s full subsidized price from Rogers this year? Been calling the customer service and no one has a clue.

    I fear they are going to charge us who bought the iPhone 4 last year on launch day like $320 (30 months – 14 months lapsed) plus then regular $199/$299/$399 which makes the locked phone savings minimal ($519 vs. $649).

    With respect to Rogers reservation system, kind of pointless as it does not guarantee “when”.

    Is it possible to do hardware upgrade in store this time around like last year?

  • DQ

    Just looked at ordering (7am EST) and it says expected delivery Oct 24-31. 

  • Anonymous

    They may have charged me already or put a hold, or somewhere there’s a mystery $1000 charge that isn’t showing up yet on the website for my credit card.

  • anonym

    how much taxes apply??

  • Nick

    Ordered mine.. 64gb black unlocked. Now I’ll have to sell my 4 – it’s 32gb in good condition factory unlocked still with AppleCare on it. Anyone want it or know how much it’s worth? If anyone wants to buy it email me

  • Guest

    Question: If you preorder what is the timeline to cancel?  If I preordered today would Apply still allow me to cancel by October 12th?

    Just wondering the cancellation policy/

  • Anonymous

    Black 64gb…. After 40 minutes of refreshing…

  • DY

    I have questionS…. I’m upgrading from 3Gs to 4s so my current full size sim card won’t work on the new phone. If I order from Apple direct they send me the phone, correct?  If so, don’t I still need to go into my carrier’s store to get a micro sim and activate it?  Is there an option to pre-order from Apple and have it for pick up at a local Apple store so they can deal with my carrier for me?  

  • The iPhone 4S in Canada is not Dual Band GSM/CDMA. It is only GSM. You can see this by comparing the Canada vs US iPhone 4S tech specs.

  • Tbdharma

    Ordered mine as soon as went live around 3:45EST. Got confirmation a few minutes later saying ships by 14th.

  • Andrew

    Ordered Black 32Gb about 2hrs ago, confirmation for 1-2 wks delivery already received

  • Andrew

    Ordered Black 32Gb about 2hrs ago, confirmation for 1-2 wks delivery already received

  • Rab

    Ordered mine at 7am (32GB) and delivery date was October 24+.  Anyone know if there’s a possibility it might actually arrive on the 14th?

  • Eszai

    Canadian web site now states availability in 1-2 weeks

  • Anonymous

    US site says Delivers on Oct. 14.  Before the Canadian site was updated to available in 1-2 weeks it was saying SHIPS by Oct. 14.  I take this to mean we won’t see ours until Monday / Tuesday and not on launch day.

  • Rab

    Looks like it.  I will keep checking my order status in hopes that my ship date gets moved forward.

  • Sha9gy

    You know! Apple is sort of started to tick me off.. First No iPhone 5, then No LTE or true 4G, Now Only the GSM models available in Canada at Skyrocket Prices….

    I wonder how long it will take before they truly take off all of their customers.

  • Rogers cannot even provide decent 3G speeds, I think it’s to early for Apple to jump on anything 4G. Next year with whatever they bring out but it would have been kind of pointless.

  • Zaidc

    got it like 4 hours later, has my credit card been charged yet?

  • Wuju

    Order mine like 6am EST this morning and 6 hours passed and no email confirmation. Can’t event go to the account from the site. Anyone is in the same boat here?

  • Sha9gy

    I couldn’t agree with you more… I remember my Good Ol’ 64GB iPod… I had to really select what I want to listen to when I had to cut the memory space by half. No More 😀

  • Guest

    “but given the demand the iPhone 4S will have, don’t be surprised if there is a slight delay.”

    Really? There’s that much demand for it, or did Apple not have enough production time to make it? Either Apple purposely didn’t make enough or you are sadly mistaken on how successful this product launch would be. My guess is the later of the 2.

  • Jbohn

    The tech specs say CDMA on the Canadian site:

    World phoneUMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); 
    GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)CDMA EV-DO Rev. A (800, 1900 MHz)4802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz only)Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology

  • Footnote… Go see the Footnote

    * CDMA available only if iPhone 4S is sold and activated for use on a CDMA network.

    Bell and Telus are now like Rogers HSPA+

    When you order the iPhone 4S on the Canadian site (like I did) you received a confirmation email and the order said iPhone 4S BLACK GSM. This is I begun ask myself the question.

    Apple call it a World phone. And what a world phone is a GSM phone. They said it during the conference: that any CDMA network users would be able to be get access also to the world coverage as the phone is dual band (CDMA and GSM). But this is for them, the CDMA users. All the others are already on world phone is some way.

    The problem is more for the US residents. Doing a good move would be to buy an unlock phone, so they can move from carrier to carrier. Here in Canada it is not a big deal unless you were planning to go to the US and would have like coverage on one of the CDMA networks, otherwise you will be hooked up with AT&T.

  • Hiltonroutley

    Just looked at mine I ordered it early at 12:50am and it says will by october 14th so good news hopefully!

  • If you go in the pre-order page and click on the “About The Unlocked Phone” here’s the message you get:

    The unlocked iPhone includes all the features of iPhone but without a contract commitment. You can activate and use it on the supported GSM wireless network of your choice, such as AT&T in the United States.* The unlocked iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S will not work with CDMA-based carriers such as Verizon Wireless or Sprint.

  • Guest

    Placed my iphone 4s order this morning at 7am.  Just got my shipping notification from Apple which says it should be delivered next Wednesday before the stores start selling them.  How great is that…


    The CRTC allows Bell and Rogers aka Hell and Robbers to blatantly RIP OFF CANADIANS!!!!! The MSRP on the Iphone 4S is 300% higher in Canada than it is in the U.S. Apple should not allow these companies to rip us off so harshly. I am very upset with the way our country lets these greedy money hungry telecom bastards charge us the highest cell phone rates in the world!!!! The Executives at Rogers and Bell should all be in jail for this thievery. They are SWINE.

  • There’s always Android or a Blackberry, ya know 😉

    Those unlocked prices are worth their weight in gold. Unsubsidized pricing from carriers works out to be the same, except they are locked.

  • We’ll find out iPhone 4S launch weekend numbers at the next earnings call, then you can come back and talk to me. Until then, what I said is true.
    This is nothing new. The ship times have already changed to 1-2 weeks. Every new product ordered online is delayed.

  • Anonymous

    FYI, my card was charged immediately upon receipt of my confirmation order. Bye bye $960

  • Anonymous

    LOL..  You realize we actually pay LESS than the US for subsidized phones right?  $159/$269/$369 compared to the $199/299/399 they pay.


  • Guest

    people who placed the ordered early and have ETA for oct 14, has it been changed to 1 ~ 2 weeks?

  • Joey Harris

    no, it will come with a microsim and you will be able to activate it

  • Anonymous

    Mine still says Available:  Ships by October 14th … I ordered mine within 5 minutes of it going live.

  • Shawn

    You get a micro Sim with iPhone 4S? How does the activation work?

  • Sparky

    When I got my unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple there wasn’t a micro sim card in the box. Maybe for locked phones there will be. If not you can trim your full size one down (I did). Search online for a template or just wing it. If so you can update your sim info on your carrier’s website.

  • Dongski08

    Ordered 64GB White  at online Apple a minute after going live,  says ships by Oct. 14 but status up to now (Oct. 8) says “processing items”.  Does anyone who ordered early have advanced to “Preparing for Shipment?”.  My credit card have already a float amount charged by Apple.

  • Just got to any Apple Store and they’ll give you one for free.

  • Andy

    Ordered a iPhone 4s 32 a few days ago but was wondering, If you put a micro sim in the iPhone 4s does it stay locked to that network forever, or is it unlocked for the life of the phone?

  • Hellotopaul

    3 years in canada and 2 years in US. There fore its very cheap in the state

  • Anonymous

    Yes.. because once they are done their two year contract, their service is free…  😉  They still keep paying the same monthly plan which is comparable to what we pay.

  • how can I buy 100 iPhone 4S and ship to USA?

  • how can I buy 100 iPhone 4S and ship to USA?