Aftermarket iPhone 5 Back Panels Now Available For $99


If you didn’t opt for a case right from the start, you may already have scratches and scrapes on the iPhone 5’s rear shell. But if you have the guts, you can replace it with a brand new aluminum back marketed for just $99.

Aftermarket iPhone 5 back panel

Even an anonymous Foxconn official admitted — besides saying the iPhone 5 is the most difficult device they have had to assemble — that the device’s new coating material makes it more susceptible to scratching.

So these are the facts; you choose — scratched back, or brand new scratch-resistant (?) aluminum.

If you think it is time for a change, you can order the aluminum rear case from iPhone5mod, which ships with Apple’s original sapphire lens cover and sells for $99 the whole package, plus shipment costs.

There are two options available: white and black, and two shipping options: Speedpost for up to 7 days delivery, and Registered Airmail for patient customers. The latter will save you money, as it costs only $15, while for Speedpost you need to shell out $35.

But before you hit the ‘Buy’ button, ask yourself how many times you watched the iFixit teardown? While the site gave a 7 for ease of repair (10 is the easiest to repair), which makes it easy enough, you will need to take apart the entire device to change the back panel. An iPhone 5 case could solve this problem if you are willing to hide that beautiful design in a plastic (or whatever) case.

Are you willing to replace your iPhone 5’s back panel with an aluminum one to eliminate scratches?

[Via MIC Gadget, Image credit: iPhone5mod]


  • Andrew

    At the risk of rendering your warranty void !!! Sure !!!

    Even after your warranty is up you won’t be able to replace your phone for a discounted price at Apple store!
    Still wanna go for it ?

  • Yeah. Might be worth it for people who want to get ‘hands on’ but the warranty will definitely be gone.

  • ????Dennis

    What confuses me is that the company who makes the device and spends millions manufacturing it, can’t come up with this scratch resistant aluminum…. Yet some small time modding company can. Either Apples quality control is failing and future models will be scratch resistant or Apple is just too greedy and rather make more profit than put out a better product.

    Either way, I’m not getting an iPhone 5 till this issue gets resolved now or in a future model. Hiding a phone in a case bothers me, especially when it looks as sexy as the iPhone. My iPhone 4 is holding up just fine with no case since release date and still looks like new without even trying to keep it that way.

  • ????Dennis

    Might I also add… I had the original iPhone and that thing could take a beating and still look prestine. The majority of the back was aluminum and that was 5 years ago. Let’s not forget about the black Motorola Razr. The only thing that scratched on that phone was the plastic screen. No excuses Apple. Apple lost it’s pride and meticulousness once Steve left.