Alleged iPhone 5 Mini Dock Connector Sync Cable Vs. Micro USB [PHOTOS]


Folks over at have been pretty consistent in obtaining leaked parts of purported next generation iPhone and once again, they have published new photos comparing the alleged mini dock connector sync cable for iPhone 5 with a micro USB.

Looking at the photos, the two connectors appear almost exactly the same in size. For those who aren’t aware, Apple is widely expected to introduce the new mini dock connector with its forthcoming iPhone 5 and this purported sync cable is supposed to fit that mini dock connector. Besides being smaller, the sync cable reportedly lacks a required orientation allowing users to insert the connector without worrying about which side is the right side up.

Previous rumours have also hinted that the new connector will have only eight pins and Apple will offer dock connector adapters for those who want to use their old accessories with it.

To me, these cables look pretty much the real deal. What do you guys think?


  • draz

    I like that you don’t have to fiddle around making sure that you have the right side up.

  • That will be awesome.

  • Networx

    Great. I love going out and buying new cables. Car charger, extra cable for my laptop bag and my desk at work. I also love that my Klipsch speaker dock will probably be useless now. There’s a $300 dock that sounds great being made obsolete by Apple changing a universal connector. Thanks Apple…..not!

  • Dougy

    I had an iphone for 3 years. Loved it. Bored with them now. Bored with the tunnel vision. Bored with patent troll BS. Bored with the purposefully limited OS. Happy I’m not using the buggy and poorly designed iTunes anymore. Tired of companies that sell proprietary cables and refuse to conform to industry standards in the sake of making more money, especially the ones that redesign their already existing cables. Bought a Samsung Galaxy Note. LOVE IT!

  • there are adapters so you can keep using your dock, calm down it will be fine.

  • gm

    I think it’s thine for world regulation body to form a standard on one type of charging port for all smartphones and tablets. It’s a waste.

  • artikas

    Good for you

  • DjDATZ

    Tits or GTFO.