Apple Airs Three New iPhone 5 TV Ads and One for the EarPods [WATCH]


Apple has uploaded new TV ads, with three of them for the iPhone 5 and one for the new EarPods. The ads were uploaded to their YouTube channel just over 25 minutes ago. Check them out below and tell me which is your favourite:


The iPhone 5 is here. The biggest and tallest yet somehow thinnest and lightest iPhone yet.


Introducing the iPhone 5. Now taking beautiful photos in panorama is as simple as saying “cheese”.


Introducing the iPhone 5, with 4-inch Retina display. It’s the perfect size for everything — including your thumb.


Introducing the iPhone 5, with EarPods — designed to sound better and earshaped to fit better.

The iPhone 5 is definitely thumb friendly, compared to some larger smartphones.


  • sully54

    i love the humorous bent these ads are taking. i found the iphone 4s ads (and especially those ipad ads) too serious sometimes.

  • Kirk

    Pick? they all deserve an A + …and I am not just saying that because I love apple products they just make sense. 🙂

  • xxxJDxxx

    I like the thumb one. I have to explain it over and over again to fandroids as they same to equate a bigger screen with being better

  • aRhyno

    I agree. clever lol. i laughed a little.

  • Pretty sure that’s Wil Macavoy’s voice. aka Jeff Daniels.

  • You are correct sir. The second coming of Daniels.

  • Letttreb

    They are in the same trend of the original Apple original no nonsense commercial: original, practical, colorful and humorous. Well done, they praise a fantastic product not trying to discredit the competition.

  • heaha

    physics ad is so stupid… anyone who’s taken highs chool physics … maybe even elementary physics would agree.

  • Henry

    Sounds like they’re bashing the old iPhone and ear buds cause they lacked common sense